How to change the thermostat on "Kalina"

You will need
  • - hexagon on 5;
  • - socket wrench 13 with a deep head;
  • - face or cap key for 8;
  • - capacity;
  • - screwdrivers.
Remove the negative terminal from the battery. You will carry out work under the hood, and there are quite a lot of electrical wires that you can accidentally hook on, which will cause a short circuit. Now that the machine is dead, you need a tank to drain the coolant. If the motor protection interferes, remove it.
Place a container under the drain hole on the radiator and unscrew the cap. The cooling system on the “Kalina” is sealed, so the liquid will flow after unscrewing the cap of the expansion tank. It is the stopper to adjust the pressure of the fluid from the radiator.
Open the stove tap to empty the system as much as possible. When fluid from the radiator is completely drained, substitute the container under the drain hole in the engine block, and then unscrew the bolt cap.Only after the entire system is empty, start repairing the thermostat.
Remove the air filter housing to make room under the hood. When access to the thermostat easier, you need to remove all connections that fit him. Make it easier to use a cap or socket wrench for 8, but you can also use a screwdriver. Next you need to disconnect the thermostat housing. To do this you need a hex key on 5. Between the thermostat halves, you will find an o-ring, which is best replaced.
Remove the fuser from the housing. You can replace only it, leaving the old case. But this does not always save, since the element may have dimensions different from the size of the case. Because of this, the thermostat operation will be unreliable. Therefore, it is best to change the entire thermostat assembly. This will require a little more action to remove the second half of the thermostat. First remove the block that is connected to the temperature sensor.
Take the socket wrench for 13 with a deep head. This key unscrew the nut that secures the ground wire to the thermostat housing. They also need to unscrew and nuts, which will attract the body to the engine block.Pull the housing and remove from the studs. It is likely that the gasket may tear, stick to the surface. Therefore, before assembling, it is necessary to clean the surface on the engine block that is in contact with the thermostat.
Take a new thermostat and lubricate the surface with which it comes into contact with the engine block, sealant. The surface on the engine must also be treated with a sealant. It is not necessary to put it in a thick layer, the main thing is to get rid of small irregularities that can pass through the liquid. Let stand for 5-10 minutes, then install the gasket and thermostat housing. Tighten the nuts carefully, but not all the way. The final tightening is best done when the sealant is dry.
Put the pipes on the thermostat. First you need to lubricate the surface of the thermostat, which is in contact with the pipes, sealant. Clamps must be used new, as the old could come in disrepair from exposure to high temperature. After assembling, tightening all threaded connections, connecting the temperature sensor, you need to fill the system with coolant and get rid of air plugs.

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