How to change the oil in a mechanical box in 2018

You will need
  • - tank for draining waste oil;
  • - oil supercharger
Choose whichbutterwill flood. Best if thisbutterwhich was poured into the gearbox at the factory. The required volume is determined by the size of the filling tanks. Prepare a container for draining used oil and an oil blower.
Now decide whether to flush the gearbox or not. There is no unequivocal answer to this question, but it is believed that flushing the gearbox during an oil change is still desirable. During operationbuttermay oxidize. Synchronizers operate using friction forces, which leads, although to insignificant heat, which affects the change in the structure of the oil. All this suggests that the usedbutterneed to remove completely. Mergebutterrecommended from the heated gearbox.Immediately after the trip, put the car in the "pit" or overpass. Loosen the filler plug. Install a container to drain the used oil. Then unscrew the drain plug and carefully drain.butterin capacity. Virtually all drainage plugs are equipped with a magnet to collect metal particles. Therefore, removing the cork, carefully wipe it and clean the magnet from the accumulated debris on it.
Remove residual oil from the box. To do this, put the drain plug in place, pour 1-1.5 liters of gasoline or kerosene through the filler hole. Then start the engine and, without a load, having hung out the drive wheels, flush the gearbox. Drain the washing, check the integrity of the sealing washer.
After leaching residues flow out, put the plug in the drain hole. PouredbutterPour into the oil supercharger, lower the supercharger fitting into the filler hole. Leitebutteruntil its level rises along the lower edge of the filler hole. Tighten the filler cap. All,butterin PPC varied.

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