How to catch a pike?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
October 28, 2014
How to catch a pike?

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How to catch a pike?

To catch a pike, you need to try very hard. The case is not easy, I can even say, tricky. It is not only the right choice of fishing place and the ability of the fisherman, it is very important to choose a good bait for pike fishing. Experienced fishermen prefer lure, considering that the pike most often pecks at shiny objects. Therefore, in this article we will consider the question of how to catch a pike on a lure.

First you need to know when to catch a pike. The best fishing is in the fall, when the fish begins to migrate to the winter camps. September and October are two months when she rushes to bait.

Types of spinners

There are two types of spinners: tin and copper. The copper bait has a small weight, it practically does not sink, therefore we advise it to be used in the winter in ice fishing, when the pike tries to swim near the ice surface. At this time she is sedentary, therefore she does not dive deeply.

Now another question, what is pike caught? It is best to use oscillating spinners.

“Tinkers” imitate a weakened fish going down, for which pike can hunt. Usually its length is 10 cm, and it goes up to 8 m under water. Each angler finds a suitable oscillating lure for himself, but three options are recommended for beginners:

  1. Japanese "Kuusamo Professor";
  2. "Ladies" spinners on pike Effxet;
  3. "Cyclops" company "Mepps".

Very often you can hear the question of how to make a spoon on a pike with your own hands. It is not difficult, there are many ways - from a bank, from a spoon. But it is better for a beginner to buy ready-made, especially in stores today a fairly large assortment is offered.

A few tips on how to catch the lure of the pike: if the sky is bright with the sun, then dim lure should be used. And vice versa. So a new bait on a sunny day, set aside. It is very important to properly carry on the spoon, do not rush and increase speed. From this, the oscillatory movements are reduced, and there is no sense from the spoon.

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