How to care for problem skin

Advice and recommendations of dermatologists will help to cope with ailment. First of all, it is necessary to determine the nature of the skin rash, and there are enough of them, these are the main ones:

- hygienic - insufficient purity of the skin;

- hormonal - in the period of hormonal adjustment of the body (pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, etc.);

- Allergic - occurs when errors in the diet;

Once the nature of acne is determined, treatment can begin.

In case of skin diseases, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the body, regularly wash and shower, use special tonics and lotions to cleanse the skin. The towel should be washed at least every other day in order not to become infected again, but you can replace it with a disposable one.

When rashes are allergic in nature, they are usually accompanied by itching, it is necessary to strictly limit your diet, removing from it (at least for the duration of treatment) all provocative products: sweets, pastries, smoked foods, salty, chocolate, alcohol and other allergens.In the period of treatment it is necessary to take antihistamines.

If the rash is not only present on the face, but is present on the body, clothing should be chosen from natural tissues giving preference to things of free cut.

Sunlight helps the production of vitamin D in the body, so gently try to be more often in the sun.

For heavy rashes of any nature, you can use special ointments and gels with antibiotics, they can be purchased at the pharmacy.

The presented recommendations should be carried out not only during the treatment period, but constantly, then the skin is an opportunity to get clean and glowing skin.

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, it makes sense to consult a dermatologist.

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