How to care for mixed skin types

What is the difference between combination skin from normal, dry or oily?

The difference is that it contains features of all three types - it can be greasy on the forehead, chin or nose (the so-called T-zone) and normal or dry on the cheeks. Therefore, the name of her combined and for such skin requires comprehensive care. Means must contain components that must be suitable for combination skin, or you need to use cosmetics of different types.

Careful attention should be paid to cleansing of combination skin. Wash with means withliquid texturewhich are intended for normal or combination skin. Alcohol in their composition should not be, as it is very aggressive for both mixed and other skin types. You can do homemade herbal decoctions and wash them. They will perfectly nourish and moisturize the mixed skin.

She also needshigh acid barrier protectionwhich will protect the skin from the reproduction of germs on it. Milk-based products are excellent. You can make a mask of kefir in the morning or evening after the usual cleansing or wipe the skin of the cheeks with a cotton pad dipped in milk. It is advisable to wash with boiled, distilled or mineral water. After such a mask there will be no feeling of tightness, and the skin will acquire softness and tenderness.

The forehead, nose and chin can be rubbed.cube of calendula or linden. They do an excellent job with fat. If during the night the skin becomes especially oily, then for morning washing it is better to usespecial cosmetic brushOn which means for washing is applied. The face is gently massaged, after which the agent is washed off, the brush is thoroughly washed and dried.

Also for cleansing mixed skin you need to usescrub. In its composition should not be coarse abrasive substances and alcohol. You can make a scrub at home from small coffee beans or black bread with milk. Masks will be very useful for combination skin. There are a lot of recipes for masks and it is quite simple to choose the right one.

Proper care for combination skin will make it soft and tender, and redness and pimples will be less.

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