How to capture video?

Currently, the main part of the training material and presentations is being prepared in electronic form. Most of the materials of this type are images, text, as well as special elements (graphs and charts). However, recently it has become increasingly popular to illustrate with the help of video fragments, since some images can look absolutely unclear in partial form. That is why many users who create a movie about working with various kinds of applications or an interactive presentation of a web service think about how to capture video from the screen.

Before you figure out this question, you need to clarify the very concept of video capture. A video capture is a process that converts a video signal from an external source into a video stream and writes it into a video file for subsequent processing. External sources can be tape recorders, video cameras, online streaming and DVD players.

Screen Capture Software

So, you need to make a "seizure."For this it is worth knowing what to capture video. There are a number of programs that will help you cope with this task. Consider them:

The program "Jing!"

In order to be able to work with this program, you need to register on the developer’s site, after which you immediately get access and can perform the operations you need. How to capture video? Very simple! This program has a very user-friendly interface. After you select a specific area of ​​the screen, you can choose the action you need: get a video or a screenshot. In the image editor itself are only the basic tools: frames, arrows and text comments.

With this program it is also possible to record voice comments from a microphone. The only limitation is that the duration of the video cannot exceed five minutes.

Clip2net program

Excellent multifunctional program. Having it, you will no longer have problems how to capture video from the camera. This program allows you not only to take screenshots and process them, but also to make video recordings from the desktop. The last option is very useful when creating interactive lessons, as well as for those who want to share their videos with the public or just with friends.In this program, when the required area of ​​the screen is selected by the user, its size in pixels appears next to the cursor.

The only drawback of this program is the lack of a video editor.

Snagit program

This program can be easily distinguished among many other analogues. Being puzzled about capturing video, taking screenshots or recording video from the screen, be sure that “Snagit” is perfectly able to cope with these tasks. The program is capable of not only drawing pictures, but also recording what is happening on your screen into a video. In addition, the built-in annotation editor allows you to add a description to the screenshot.

With all these programs, you can quite easily record video from a camera or monitor, adding sound notes to it. These methods are perfect for creating simple and informative multimedia presentations.

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