How to calculate the cost of repair

Decide onworthand the amount of finishing materials you will need for finishing the room. This paint, wallpaper, ceiling, doors, baseboards, plumbing, all kinds of electrics and much more.
Calculate your financial resources and make sure that you have in stock the full amount required. Or will be soon. If you do not keep track of the availability of funds, then at the most important moment they can end, and then the repair will be halfway through.
How to calculate the cost of <strong> repair </ strong>
Make a competent planrepair, which indicate the sequence of interior decoration, redevelopment and other. Strictly following the points of the plan will save time and money.
Based on the plan, make an estimate for the repair, in which write down the list of works for each room, the number of materials, and the cost of costs for each section of work.
How to calculate the cost of <strong> repair </ strong>
Add to the original cost of about 20%, in case of unforeseen expenses or a sharp increase in prices. All, final devaluationrepairreceived.
Go to various large stores and bases involved in the sale of building and finishing materials, compare prices, learn about discounts when buying large quantities of products. Choose the best option for you. All these factors can save you money on repairs.
How to calculate the cost of <strong> repair </ strong>

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