How to build trust in the team?

The boss needs to be predictable, because unpredictability is terrible. Your subordinates should know, or approximately guess how you will react in this or that case.
Do not scold your employee for mistakes. His shortcomings can be used by him and the company for the benefit of - let him self-improve.
Explain your actions. If you give any instructions without explanation, then your employees may not want to follow them. The explanation will also minimize errors and let you spend a little more time with it.
You will no longer seem like a subordinate serious boss, which is difficult to approach if you talk more often about yourself. In addition, distrust of you will disappear. Talking about yourself, you can call someone from the subordinates to a dialogue and find out what they think of you in a team or other useful information.
Should consult with their subordinates.If you want an atmosphere of trust in your team, then you need to take into account all the ideas of your employees and think about them. Some of these ideas may well be helpful.
Be nice, be polite. Make it clear to each of your employees, regardless of their position, that you see a person in them. If you are reliable and friendly, then people will be disposed towards you. Of course, it is necessary to observe at least some kind of subordination when communicating with subordinates.

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