How to build a house in 2018

Choose a suitable site for construction work. When choosing a site, pay attention to the availability of all necessary communications, the prospects of the development area, infrastructure. It is desirable that at a safe distance from the site (due to groundwater, the risk of flooding) were a river, lake or pond. If you are an avid mushroom picker or like to hunt in your free time, choose a land near the forest.
Before you buy, examine the cadastral passport of the land plot, which must contain the following information:
- the address of the location of the site;
- land area;
- description of the site and marking its borders;
- category of the plot (permission to use it for construction);
- quality and economic characteristics (estimated cost);
- the presence on the site of buildings (for example, in the case of purchasehouseand for demolition).
Order a future project for architectshouseand taking into account all your wishes. Pay special attention to the foundation of the future.housea, before the design of which all necessary work should be carried out to study the soil in the territory of the future construction.
Purchase all the necessary materials, depending on whether you are going to build a brick, log, framehouse. If you plan to use the services of a construction company, make an estimate taking into account all the overhead costs (accommodation of workers, food, removal of construction debris, etc.).
Dig a pit with a rented bulldozer. It is much more profitable and safer than digging it yourself or hiring a team of diggers. Build all necessary communications. Make the formwork so that the surface of the foundation is perfectly flat. Deliver ready concrete and fill the foundation (it will cost you less than kneading the concrete yourself). Wait 3-4 weeks until concrete finally hardens and mark the exact location of future walls.housea. If you build a log cabinhouse, make a log house using freshly sawn logs.
Build external and internal wallshousea. Remember that walls can be bearing (on which the main load of its own weight, roof and ceilings) and self-bearing. Erect, if necessary, and additional supports (columns, columns, etc.).Arrange interior spaces (stairs, windows, doors).
Make the roof of the building, using tile, roofing material, corrugated, etc. Warm the walls and roof.

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