How to build a farm

You will need
  • - land plot away from the city;
  • -heated house;
  • - equipment for keeping birds (nests, feeders, drinkers);
  • -breeding chicks.
Purchase or rent a plot of land on which your farm will be located. When calculating the required area, proceed from the fact whether you will be purchasing fodder for birds all year round, or are going to keep geese on grazing, that is, on grass fodder. If the second, then according to the existing rules for each goose should fall at least 10 meters.
Register your farmhousehold�- for this type of economic activity there is the same organizational and legal form. You will not need any permits "at the start", only later, when the farm starts functioning, you will need to get a certificate from the veterinary service about the well-being of your farm - this will help organize the marketing of your future products.
Build a room for keeping birds, if there is nothing suitable on the site you have at your disposal. The house should be well insulated; ideally, steam heating should be carried out or �brooders� should be obtained to heat the chicks. It is especially important to maintain a high temperature (at least 25 degrees) in the "breeding zone" where the chicks will be placed.
Purchase simple equipment for your bird house needed for bird care - nests, feeders, water tanks. Find feed suppliers from which you can regularly make bulk purchases. If the house is not heated, take care of powerful heaters (for each room).
Get "tribal" chicks, when everything for their life on the farm will be ready. Calculate the number of birds based on their capabilities and the fact that a chicken farm with a population of less than 500 heads is considered unprofitable.
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Helpful advice
If you intend to breed ducks, then make sure that the territory of your farm is located natural or artificial reservoir.
Try to benefit from all that your farm will give - find distribution channels for feathers, litter, and sebaceous glands too.

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