How to avoid obesity in a child

Regular meals

The habit of not having breakfast, replacing lunch with sweet snacks and filling up at night is a direct path to obesity.

Make sure your child eats well in the morning. Then, until dinner itself, he does not want to eat chocolate or a bun. Dinner should be full - soup, main course and stewed fruit. Then a light afternoon snack, and 2–3 hours before bedtime - a loose dinner. In total, the child should eat at least four times a day.

Varied menu

A sausage sandwich for breakfast, a sausage with pasta for lunch and dinner, soda for all occasions - do not expect a good figure with such a menu.

Cook a variety of dishes. Add a child to this process: it is important that he sees how and from what food is cooked. Build a menu so that every day it includes products from five groups: cereals and cereals, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, meat or fish, eggs.

Ability to choose

The kids love to eat hamburgers and fries. And adults are not always around to stop them.

Pay attention to the adolescent that even in fast food restaurants you can choose healthy foods: vegetable salads, fresh juices, and so on. In this case, you can hope that the herd instinct will not work with your friends in a cafe near the chad during the next campaign.

Positive example

Struggling for the love of the child, the parents each slip something tasty to him. The result - a systematic overeating and overweight.

Do not use food as a gift or promotion. Show your love differently - communicate, walk, find a common hobby. Do not let grandparents pamper your child by bringing lots of sweets and sweets to the house.

Physical activity

To the calories are not deposited on the stomach and sides, they must be burned.

Every day, for at least an hour, the son or daughter must move actively: take the child to the section, to the stadium. Teach him to play badminton, table tennis, rollerblading, cycling. He spends more time together with the child in the fresh air: even ordinary walks before bedtime is a good charge of cheerfulness for the whole family.

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