How to arrange underfloor heating

You will have to choose it among the three possible types of "warm floors": electric cable, water and air. It should be borne in mind that water and air "warm floor" is more suitable for a private house, since these systems are installed in the concrete base of the floors and are created during the construction phase of the house itself. For urban apartments in high-rise buildings, the best solution would be to choose an electric “warm floor”.
In addition, the electric "warm floor" is much simpler in your device. The installation kit includes heating cables, metal foil or mesh that prevents the cable from contacting the heat insulator, and the actual insulation consisting of cork or foam. Also, the temperature sensor, temperature controller and steel mounting tape are usually included in the store kit to fix the cable on the floor. Therefore, in most cases, you will not have to buy something in the process of installing a “warm floor”.
Although the device is an electric "warm floor" is relatively simple, for its installation should invite experienced craftsmen from the profile firm. Even if it seems to you that everything is clear in the instructions and you can handle it, do not refuse the services of specialists. Do not forget that you are dealing with electricity and even a minor mistake in installation or operation can lead to serious problems.
The electric “warm floor” is mounted as follows: the floor covering is completely removed in the repaired room, a layer of thermal insulation is laid on a solid and even draft floor, and a heating cable is fixed to it using a mounting tape or concrete screed. Metal foil or mesh is laid over the heating elements. Then the flooring is set back. If a laminate is used as such a coating, an additional substrate is needed for it.
From the heating cable leads to the electrical power source and to the thermostat. The thermostat is an electronic device designed to control floor heating.It is usually fixed on the wall at the level of a household switch. Temperature controllers may be different depending on the purpose of the entire heating system. If the "warm floor" is used as additional heating, the thermostat uses a floor temperature sensor. After the floor is heated to a predetermined value, the thermostat turns off the heating system. If the electric "warm floor" is the main heating system, the thermostat is equipped with an air temperature sensor, with which it sets the optimum floor heating mode.

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