How to arrange a party in the style of "Mafia"?

The time spent pleasantly in the company of friends or colleagues is able to give a charge of cheerfulness, energy and positive emotions. Here are just banal "get-togethers" with standard conversations and entertainment already pretty bored, they were replaced by theme parties that have a special spirit and mood, and with good preparation they are also able to fully immerse the participants in the atmosphere of the playing time or style.

Today we will talk about how to organize an interesting party in the style of “Mafia”, a theme that has become very popular in the past few years, both among young people and among the middle-aged generation.

It is suitable for ordinary meetings of friends, corporate parties, as well as for birthdays and even weddings. We are all familiar with the game "Mafia", which has already managed to conquer literally the whole world, has become a whole movement of young people, who gather in companies and entire groups in order to practice the skills of calculating "strangers among their own".

But, anyway, the whole subject is directly tied to the Sicilian gangsters, into the atmosphere of which we immerse ourselves in the process of the "mafia" party.

Decorating the room

It is very important that guests, only those who arrived on the holiday, from the first moments plunge into the atmosphere of real gangsters and mafia beauties. In this, as well as possible, you will help thematic decoration of the room and the correct decor.

It must be said that turning an ordinary apartment, house or office into a real “Mafia lair” is not an easy task, but it is quite doable. Hang the windows with heavy, thick curtains, so that the room is in semi-darkness. On the wall you can put a projector with old American films of the 30s or gangster subjects.

Arrange a few round tables, cover them with green or burgundy velvety cloth, leave decks of cards on top, perhaps some chips, tokens, ashtrays or sham dollar bills. In addition, on the tables you can place bottles with expensive elite alcohol (as an option, labels can be printed and re-glued).

Hang black-and-white retro photos on the walls with beautiful girls, posters with “wanted criminals,” the inscriptions “Wanted!” And the like look bright on them.As a result, your holiday room should turn into a kind of casino from the last century.

Costumes and images

The next thing that cannot be ignored is, of course, costumes for a themed party. This evening, you can turn into a mafia girlfriend or try on the role of the mafia itself - here it is already closer to someone in spirit.

The special features of the women's costume include deliberate sexuality and even boldness: a long, narrow dress with a deep neckline and a high slit, preferably dark and made from natural materials - velvet or satin, is perfect for a mafia girlfriend.

The perfect complement will be lace stockings, playfully looking out of the cut, long satin gloves on your hands, stiletto shoes, fur boas or fur boas.

The original addition will be long mouthpieces for cigarettes, as well as small hats with a dark veil. Makeup - also in the best traditions of the time - languid dark eyes and bright lips. It will be easier to recreate the mafia suit: it is enough to find a white shirt and a dark suit (ideally, if it is in a thin light strip).

You can do without a jacket, but to complement the image of contrasting jackets (for example, a white shirt and black suspenders), be sure to have a hat and patent leather shoes. That's all! To make the image as complete as possible, it can be supplemented with fake weapons, cigars and a small bow tie.

How are we going to have fun?

And although the party in the style of "Mafia" does not imply a stormy feast, it is still worth organizing a small buffet: it is desirable that it is dominated by Italian cuisine, because it was in this country that the real mafia originated.

It can be pizza, risotto or spaghetti, as an option, use desserts such as pancho or tiramisu. Of alcohol - of course, wine, whiskey or brandy.

What else can entertain guests? Well, of course, to play the famous game “Mafia”, for this you will need cards and a table at which everyone can accommodate. You can arrange a real tournament - with prizes and encouraging diplomas.

When you get tired of sitting, you can go to more active contests, only you need to pick them up with special attention, the banal Crocodile or charades will be inappropriate here.You can guess the shots from popular gangster films, arrange thematic dances to the music of the 30s, or another option - to conduct a whole role-playing game with pre-planned quests.

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