How to age a tree: 2 ways

Method number 1

Draw a dividing line with a pencil and randomly draw a “tree drawing”.

Using the corner chisel number 1, I conditionally divided the base into two parts. We carry a chisel in line at an angle of 15-20 degrees.

Choosing a tree drawing with chisels, moving along the marked lines. We use different sizes of chisels.

Keep in mind that the chisel is a sharp enough tool! Observe safety precautions! First, never place your hands in front of the chisel, and secondly, lead the chisel on the workpiece "from yourself", do not direct it to your side!

Knife shoal do chipped and dents on the sides of the base.

Sandpaper pass through the entire terrain, smoothing, "rounding" it. We use a nazhdachku number 240 and 400.

The result after sandpaper processing.

We create a black coating, simply - "soot", holding the base over the lighted candles. Important! Keep the substrate not above the top of the flame, but approximately in the middle, since here the flame temperature is lower. We do not need to burn wood, just cover soot with a bloom.

Remove excess soot using a cotton pad or dry cloth. Then sandpaper number 240 remove plaque from the protruding portions.

We cover with one layer of wood stain our entire foundation. I used a water-based wood stain “Oak”. Leave to dry for one hour.

Method number 2

We turn to the second technology of aging. To begin with, take a paraffin or wax candle and rub arbitrarily the edges of our base.

Next, apply a layer of acrylic paint on the base. Color choose at its discretion. I show on an example of a yellow color 🙂

After about an hour we pass through the sandpaper throughout the paint layer, the paint will peel off where the wax was applied. You can once again cover the paint layer with a stain, and then wipe it with a damp cloth. This will give an additional patinating effect.

Then you can continue to decorate the base on your own. To make it more fun, I added a few drawings, causing them to be sponge acrylic paint through a stencil. Leave to dry for 12-24 hours.

Talc (baby powder) mutes the color, makes it pripylennym. When talc is associated with the still not dried wax, a very natural whitish (calcareous) deposit turns out. This can be seen in the photo of the finished result. Simply put, talcum patinates wood perfectly, making it more naturally aged.

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