How to adjust the shape of the face

Triangular face type - the corners of the small mandible are at a distance much smaller than the cheekbones, the forehead is not too high, but rather wide. To correct the shape, accentuate the blush on the side areas of the cheekbones. Apply quite a bit on the sides of the forehead. In the evening make-up whiskey and forehead on the sides shade. Also use a dark tone on the cheekbones, glossing it to the corners of the mouth. The lower jaw visually enlarge, causing powder of a lighter tone.
The square type of face is a broad face with strongly spaced angles of the mandible. When applying day makeup, apply blush under the cheekbones and blend them from the ears to the corners of the lower jaw. Slightly apply blush on the upper corners of the forehead, slightly darkening them. For evening makeup, apply a darker tone on the corners of the lower jaw and blend it in the direction under the chin. Lateral areas of the forehead also shade, and under the cheekbones on the contrary, apply a blush lighter, flesh-colored.
Rectangular face type - face looks like a contour on a square. Blush also impose under the cheekbones, shading to the corners of the lower jaw and mouth. A little blush do not forget to put on the upper part of the forehead and its middle. In the evening, treat with a dark tone the chin, the corners of the lower jaw, the middle and the top of the forehead. Blush put only under the cheekbones and blend them to the corners of the mouth.
Round face type - cheeks are plump, rounded chin. Blush superimposed under the cheekbones vertical strokes. Evening makeup involves the use of dark tones on the temples, the corners of the lower jaw, as well as on the side surfaces of the cheeks and forehead. The applied tone blend with a single line. Blush impose only on the cheekbones.
Extended oval. With this face shape, a heavy chin or a very high forehead can occur. Sometimes the one and the other. To correct defects, apply a rouge beneath the cheekbones with a horizontal bar. This will make the face visually shorter. Using evening make-up, hide the massive chin with a dark, shade under the lower jaw. And darken them as the upper forehead.

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