How to add light to a dark room?

This question concerns everyone who wants to reflect the light and warmth of his soul in the interior of the room. You can start at least with an environment that will create a rainbow mood, even on rainy days. If certain rules of design are observed, you can choose the appropriate materials and furniture with accessories in such a way as to preserve and increase the light impression of the interior of your room. Of course, you should pay attention to the design of the walls, floor, windows and ceiling, given the combination of the color spectrum. In this case, you can use a variety of light solutions.

Maximum use of natural light

To do this, remove the layering of the window. It will be enough to hang the curtains in bright colors so that they are not the main focus. Still need to set aside numerous plants from the window sill. You can leave one, the largest, if you really really want, for example, a ficus. Also suitable palm or dracaena.

Do not forget that the window requires regular cleaning. Sometimes on the windowsill lays different things, creating a feeling of clutter. Just washing the glass and ventilate the room, you can be surprised by the apparent effect of light. An interesting solution is French windows in the floor or creating an illusion.

Sex, walls, ceiling

For the floor, it is recommended to choose a glossy tile, light laminate or linoleum. Any shiny surface will have the effect of increasing the illumination of the room as a whole. Wallpaper with sparkles - a great solution, but without small drawings and excessive pomp. In addition, suitable for painting walls in bright rich colors with noticeable accents in the form of a large figure. The ceiling is also possible to make a stretch glossy or just arrange it in bright warm colors by adding a LED strip around the perimeter of the room.


A polished and glossy surface of the furniture used will fit the room. You can, by the way, generally apply partially glass furniture so as not to obscure the far corners of the room. For example, organic glass - a fairly strong material, has a variety of embodiments.In general, it is better to give preference to a multifunctional and thoughtful furniture design when zoning room space.

Mirror of the World

In the room itself, there are many opportunities to catch light on your networks. For example, mirrors located in the side of the window, give a feeling of fullness of light. You can use a wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors, a separate mirror design is also suitable - a border around the room, and also panels or strips for the entire length of the opposite wall, slopes on the windows.

Artificial Sun

The stores feature a large selection of lamps, light boxes, LED designs for profiles and ribbons. Add light and a variety of posters or paintings with a summer view of nature. There are so many options that everything depends only on your imagination and taste.

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