How to achieve customer loyalty

The key factor that has always exerted, is and will be decisive for the degreeloyaltycustomeris the level of service. This is not only a standard sales technique for identifying needs and selecting an option, it is also a human relation. The client wants to feel that they care about him, that his interests are in the priority, and not the sales plan. Make a courteous and friendly communication the main rule in communication with the client for all staff.
Be sure to enter into use the loyalty card, as well as cards with a cumulative system of discounts. Alternatively, you can also consider the possibility of providing discounts for the purchase of large volumes of products, as well as for attracting new customers - you can expand the list of possible benefits that regular customers have from you, to infinity. The main thing is to make it clear to the client that it is beneficial for him to work with you, because due to this, he not only receives quality service, but also a number of bonuses.
Regularly remind the client about yourself.Distribution of standard advertising booklets and catalogs is rarely a great success - too many companies take advantage of this opportunity. Much better would be such an option as a personal letter sent in order to obtain information about what services the client would like to see, what products he is interested in and what he would like to change in the current service system. Undoubtedly, all letters will be made on one sample, therefore it is desirable to change the design and text from time to time. This will help keepcustomer�sense of self worth to you.
If your business is related to the sale of equipment, it will be important, when selling goods, to provide the customer with a business card with technical support contacts. Your buyer will feel that they care about him, and not just seek to sell the product. In general, the practice of providing business cards works well even if a person does not buy anything, because he was not going to do it here and now. In this case, when he gets ready to make a purchase, he will most likely come to you or call. Do not forget to mention the possibility of help on the product of interest to him using the phone specified in the contacts on the business card - this will save timecustomer�and once again provide an opportunity to feel concern for his interests.

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