How should a man be dressed to please a woman

However, almost all women are united by one exact statement - they first of all pay attention to the appearance of a man. And it is absolutely logical, because they meet on clothes.
Recently, the representatives of the stronger sex themselves have become more concerned about their appearance. And it only pleases! Nice to look at the well-groomed, neat and tastefully dressed man. And he should be dressed not just in the most expensive and fashionable things, but also appropriate to his age. For each age category of the stronger sex there are suitable images.

Men 20-30 years old.

Of course, the main element of a young man’s clothing is jeans. It is desirable to have in stock different models of different colors for all occasions. Black jeans with a classic cut should definitely be in the wardrobe, as they are universal.
For the release of the "rescue" will be pants in combination with leather shoes. Upstairs - long sleeve shirt.Moreover, the classic white is perfect for a date in a restaurant or cafe, and a fitted and worn dress is for walking with your girlfriend.

Men from 30 years.

A man of this age is already established in the workplace, but this does not mean that you can relax and wear the same non-ordinary suit every day. On the contrary, for solidity and attractiveness it is necessary to acquire a couple of branded suits. Ties, expensive watches, leather belts are welcome! Casual clothes - sweaters, sweaters, corduroy pants - a great option for a romantic walk or a trip to friends.

Men from 40 years.

Of course, at this age both physical training and expensive high-quality clothing with branded accessories are very important. To like the representatives of the weaker sex, it is not necessary in any case to experiment with the image. Everything should be extremely simple, but at the same time tasteful.
Classic tight pants, cardigans, woolen sweaters, vests, formal suits will help you look elegant and age appropriate. Leather belt and shoes perfectly complement the image.It is important to focus on high cost and quality, so in order to "extra attractiveness" you can wear jewelry: rings, rings, etc.
Undoubtedly, in addition to the style, colors and quality of clothes, well-groomed and cleanliness is important, both for the man and for his things. And for more charm and attractiveness, you can use a good light perfume.

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