How not to sweat - get rid of sweating

How not to sweat

How not to sweat and what to do?

Many people sooner or later ask: how not to sweat? But it's impossible to live without sweating, because it is a normal biological process. But to reduce the amount of substance that is released with the help of sweat glands, you can easily. In this article you will learn how to do this. People are constantly complex, shy, hide their hands, armpits from strangers and do not even suspect that there is a way out of such a "terrible" situation.


Sweat hands



To deal with the problem thoroughly, consider it from several sides. First, let's discuss what the rate of sweating and how much sweat per day our body produces, and also discuss what affects it. After that, we will touch on a not very pleasant topic, which concerns hyperhidrosis.


Before you start, you need to prepare, let's talk about the physiology, it is necessary in order to understand how our body functions.Everyone knows that the armpits, groin and back sweat the most, it happens not so easy. The fact is that these are the areas that contain the most apocrine glands, which are responsible for the secretion of sweat.


It is necessary to understand why and why this transparent, watery mucus is produced, before causing panic and fleeing to a doctor for advice. Sweat is produced by the body, after which it goes outside for thermoregulation. There is nothing supernatural, but without this function a person will die very quickly. The same will happen if all the sweat glands are blocked.


By the way, most people complex in vain, constantly complaining about excessive sweating, they do not even suspect that in the normal state of the human body can release about one liter of sweat per day. Besides the fact that sweat regulates body temperature, it also helps to improve and activate the metabolism, removes harmful toxins from the body, for example, if a person who has alcohol inside is actively sweating, he sober up faster. Sweat includes substances that help attract people of the opposite sex.People who think about the question of how not to sweat, it is also worth noting that sweat, it is an excellent lubricant, which contributes to the unhindered friction of parts of our body.


Another question is if a person at night under normal conditions: the surrounding environment is comfortable, sleep healthy, everything sweats, then you need to turn to a classified doctor who will try to determine the cause of unreasonable sweating. Hot weather, regular stresses, hot meals, exercise, high humidity, poor ventilation are normal causes, which can lead to sweating, but there are also various diseases.


The cause of severe sweating in the legs may be secondary hyperhidrosis, i.e. a condition when legs and other parts of the body sweat badly due to hormonal disturbances, tuberculosis, diabetes, tumors, infections and other. It is only necessary to cure the underlying disease and then an unpleasant symptom of hyperhidrosis will go away by itself. Primary hyperhidrosis differs from the secondary one in that it is treated by itself, but has no obvious cause.


The only problem is that there are no methods for determining hyperhidrosis. Only patient complaints can push the doctor to the right path. After all, no one is going to give you a certain load in order to track how you sweat over time. The doctor makes a diagnosis due to the patient's complaints about the bad smell from the body, which makes it difficult to communicate with people, and in general appear in society, and sweat stains on clothes. Dermatitis is also a symptom of the disease.


The situation in our time is not very good, because any impressionable person can visit a doctor with such a problem. Although he has no problems, and perspiration does not exceed the permissible rate, the doctor is obliged to help him because the person has such a character.


How to get rid of sweating or how not to sweat?



We will begin from the smallest to the largest, i.e. from the most uncomplicated ways to more effective ones.


How to get rid of sweating

How to get rid of sweating and not sweat.

  • The first advice, or rather the rule regarding each person, is to take a shower and a bathroom more often. If your hands are sweating, wash them more often with soap and wipe them, although this will not reduce the level of sweat, but the nasty smell will disguise exactly.Sweat itself has no specific smell, and a bad smell suggests that microorganisms began to develop in the ducts of the sweat glands. The less often you use the shower, the more microorganisms remain, and the smell from you is worse. In a day it is necessary to wash at least once, at best two.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that will match the weather. Let it be a loose blouse from nature in the summer. fabric, in winter it is worth wearing a jacket made from modern materials, they allow the body to breathe. If you are sweating at night, feel free to open the window, while wearing pajamas of soft, delicate material, and good bedding will be beneficial.
  • Excessive vegetation in the armpits speaks of itself, therefore, if you sweat a lot, then you need regular shaving in this area. In addition, it will save you from numerous germs on the skin and help you not to sweat.
  • After passing all the tips, sweating can not decrease, then cosmetic remedies will come to the rescue. The use of such tools will give their results, and not bad, but be careful.There are deodorants that only help mask the smell. And there are antiperspirants, they are already plugging the sweat glands, as a result of which sweat comes in smaller quantities. Cosmetics - a great way to deal with an unpleasant smell, but do not abuse it. Aluminum and zinc, which is part of antiperspirants, are harmful to the body and the body, so these substances must be washed off the armpits after a few hours. These funds also will not eliminate the smell completely, the body will smoothly remove extra substances only in a different quantity and place.


Pathological perspiration



People with such a disease should regularly use a variety of full-body baths or parts of the body, this will help you figure out how not to sweat. Such trays are made on the basis of natural herbs and substances. Consider some of them.


Many have heard of oak bark baths, but it is worth noting that as a means of treatment, it is very aggressive. In this case, the best fit straw and peel of eggplant. If the area of ​​sweating is a palm, then it is necessary to clean a few eggplants, after cutting the finely remaining peel, boil and cool the infusion.Dip your palms in the broth and hold for 15 minutes. The procedure must be performed 10-14 days.


If none of the above helped you, then try using a straw. Stock up on straw and put it in your socks. After that, put them on previously washed feet and do not remove them until the morning. Straw needs to be changed every day for two weeks. Knitting and tanning substances contained in the straw constrict the sweat glands.


In the event that baths, antiperspirants and other folk methods did not help you, you should try your luck in traditional medicine, because we are all different and everyone needs a different approach. And here there is something to offer people with hyperhidrosis and help them not to sweat. First of all, the doctor will advise you to drink formagel (a substance that blocks sweat glands). The effect does not last long, only 8-10 days. The next step is to chop armpits with botox. This substance prevents the entry of nerve impulses that are sent to the glands. This method will save you sweat by 0.5-1.5 years. The process of using the drug is not very complicated and practically painless.


First they will do an artwork - they paint the area where apocrine glands are accumulated. The next step is to inject the drug with a thin needle.The administration of the drug lasts several hours, and patients do not feel any ailments. This method is available only to eliminate sweat in the axillary region, for example, in the palm of a botine, you can not stab.


Endoscopic sympathectomy remains the most decisive method. Through a small incision, you will remove the nerve nodes responsible for the innervation of the sweat glands of the armpit. And here, with perspiration in the hands of this method will not save, but you can perform an operation in another area. If your palms are sweating heavily, doctors suggest that you take a 10-day course of iontophoresis.

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