How not to lose control of yourself

Do not neglect a good rest. It must be at least as good as the work you do. Otherwise you can overwork and loseaboveby myselfcontrolAfter all, having tortured the body, you will shake your nerves.
Try to solve the problem promptly. The burden of unfulfilled work causes a feeling of confusion and own powerlessness, and the relationships that are not clarified in time contribute to the fact that the conflict grows like a snowball. It knocks you off track. As a result, you losecontrolandabovesituation andaboveby myself.
Use the breath of yogis for concentration. Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed. Close your eyes and try to relax as much as possible. Direct the mental gaze inward and align your breath. At first, just breathe deeply and evenly, and then master special breathing techniques, for example, inhale with one nostril, and exhale through the second, alternate the inhale with your nose and mouth, hold the air inhale or exhale. Detailed instructions can be found in yoga literature.
Be more tolerant. Not all people are equally savvy. Someone needs more time than you to understand or do something. Spend more time with young children and older people. So you will cultivate restraint and tolerance.
Organize yourself a discharge. She may be exercising, walking in the park, jumping with a parachute, talking to a pet, embroidering, or knitting. Find an action that does soothe you, but do not take up stress and do not fight it with alcohol.
Pull time. Before a sharp answer, which you then will definitely regret, will break from your lips, stop and slowly count to one to ten from yourself. You will feel noticeably calmed down. It is very important to be able to restrain yourself, while you are overwhelmed by strong emotions.

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