How nice to admit to a guy in his feelings?

When real and strong feelings appear, I want to shout about them to the whole world. But the most important thing is to tell about them to the one who caused them, that is, to the beloved. And how to confess in love to a young man so that he accurately remembers the confession?

A place

Be brave

A place, in principle, can be absolutely anything. Here are a few options:

  • Tell about feelings at home. A cozy atmosphere will help to relax and tune in to the romantic mood.
  • Cafe or restaurant. You can invite a guy to some romantic establishment, ask the waiters to arrange the table accordingly and, with a glass of red wine, say everything you think about.
  • On the street. Go to some picturesque park or a place where you met.
  • Outdoors. You can arrange a picnic in the forest or on the bank of the river and to the sounds of nature tell about your feelings and emotions.
  • To the cinema. Everyone knows that the last rows are places for lovers and kisses. Buy two tickets to a movie about high feelings, make yourself comfortable, take your beloved by the hand and open up to him.
  • In bed.Many talk about their feelings in an intimate setting, for example, during a passionate embrace or kiss.


Be original

If you decide to talk about feelings, then choose the right moment. Here are some important rules:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that the young man takes you seriously. Otherwise, your confession may make him quit or even laugh. If the intentions are serious, and there is also a high probability of reciprocity of feelings, then the recognition will surely please and, possibly, entail a response.
  • Choose a moment when the guy will be in a relaxed state and in a good mood. If he is angry or excited, then even the good news may not respond as you expect.
  • It is best to confess love in private, so wait for the moment when you stay together. Superfluous ears are absolutely useless, as well as superfluous looks. They will distract and spoil the mood.
  • It is advisable to make a confession when you and your other half are not in a hurry, otherwise it will turn out to be crumpled and ridiculous.
  • As for the time of day, it can be anything.You can wake up a guy with a confession, talk about feelings in the midst of the day, or whisper words of love before bedtime.

What can be a confession?

The Secret Message

How nice, romantic or unusual to admit to a guy in love? We offer you several original ways:

  1. You can make a confession in verse. The best option is to write a poem yourself. So you can put into it all your soul, all your feelings. And let you - not a poet, and some rhymes are given to you with difficulty. This is not the main thing. The main thing is that the poem will tell exactly about your feelings for a particular person. If you have failed, use ready-made poems. This may be a work of world classics or the creation of an unknown but talented author. Read the poem sincerely and emotionally, looking beloved straight in the eye and holding his hand. If you are a shy person, then read the verse over the phone.
  2. Unusual will be recognized in writing. Write a letter and certainly state in it everything you think and feel. Do not hesitate, do not hide anything. Written letter can be transferred in different ways. First, you can simply give it in person to the recipient.Secondly, you can send it by mail or put in the mailbox. Thirdly, you can leave the message in a prominent place so that the guy just noticed him. If you want to confess your feelings in an original way, then write a few or even many letters and arrange them around the apartment or pass them in turn. And you can arrange a real game. Spread out the letters and give your loved one a map with which he can find them. At the same time, interim messages can tell about pleasant joint memories, and the latter will be the most important and tell you directly about feelings. And you can send several letters with confessions in different languages ​​of the world. Have the young man break his head and try to translate your messages.
  3. Record a song for your loved one. If you are shy, then burn it to disk and give it to the guy. If you want to see the eyes of a loved one at the time of the performance, then either sing a song in private, or in public, for example, in a restaurant (for this you need to agree in advance with the DJ).
  4. Make a gift to the guy and attach a note with a confession to him.
  5. Have a romantic dinner. Everything should be romantic and talk about love.Arrange the candles, arrange the rose petals, fold the napkins in the form of hearts, lay out the food in the form of hearts. And you can bake a cake and put a letter with a confession in the filling.
  6. Write a confession on the asphalt under the windows of your beloved. It is better to use chalk for this, since the paint may stain the passing cars and become a reason for disapproval from other residents of the house. If it is winter outside, then it is even better for you, because you can write a confession in the snow.
  7. Order an inscription on the billboard over the road, which your lover goes or drives every day.
  8. If your boyfriend is an active computer user, then use this device for recognition. Create a slide using your collaborative photos, beautiful poems and phrases, as well as romantic music. Save it on your loved one's computer, place a shortcut right in the middle of the desktop and give it some talking name, for example, “For (name of guy) from (your name)”. The young man will definitely see the file, open it and find out about your feelings.
  9. If the guy who likes is far away, then you can send him a text message or a personal message on the social network.Do not be shy about your feelings, write whatever you think.
  10. If your lover has a personal car, then you can imperceptibly take the keys, open the door and attach a love message to the steering wheel, seat or glove box.
  11. You can lay out a declaration of love from rose petals. Arrange them in the form of heart or in the form of the inscription "I love you". Together the petals can use candles. Arrange them, light, turn off the lights and invite the guy into the room.

Helpful Tips

Cook for him

Some useful advice about the declaration of love:

  1. Consider the nature of your boyfriend. So, if he is a romantic, he will certainly appreciate the original ideas. If you meet with a brutal pragmatist, then the recognition should be sincere, but simple and short.
  2. Do not be shy of your feelings, there is absolutely nothing shameful about them. On the contrary, love is beautiful and natural. So relax and do not worry.
  3. Do not think that the beloved will not answer you in return. Even if it happens, you will not keep feelings in yourself and torment yourself because of this.
  4. If the reaction of the guy is not the same as you expected (delight, tears, response words, and so on), do not worry.Men think and act differently. Give the young man time so that he can understand what you have said and understand your feelings. Then he himself will say and explain everything.

Let the recognition be romantic, sincere and original. Then the guy will definitely appreciate and remember him!

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