More than 290 different species of turtles are known, in Russia there are only 7 species. They are characterized by increased stamina and vitality. The turtle’s immune system is fairly resistant to various infections, and injuries heal quickly. In addition, they can go without food for a long time and stay in good health.


How many years do turtles live



The longest living turtle is Marion, her age is fixed at 152 years. With a good set of circumstances, they can live to200 - 310 years. It seems to us that they live for a long time, in fact, everything is a bit wrong. Only one species can live.more than 200 years, these are giant turtles from the Galapagos Islands. The average rate for all other species is only 20-30 years.Snowy turtles live on average 30years with proper care for them.


Now big turtles are considered the most long-lived among all living creatures on our planet. This is due to the slow metabolism. They can live without food and drink from a few months to a couple of years.You are probably surprised, but this is a scientifically proven interesting fact.


These are not all amazing facts. Having a wrinkled skin of the body and a very slow speed of movement, the aging process is almost not noticeable. After many years, internal organs remain the same as in youth. Many scientists are looking for secrets of "eternal youth" in their genetic code.


Natural death they die very rarely. This is mainly due to diseases, predators and human intervention. If these factors did not interfere with them, then it would be only surprising how many years turtles live.


Nature has awarded them with an excellent ability to stop their heartbeat and resume if necessary. When the heart stops, the tortoise does not move, but seems to freeze.


How many live turtles on Earth?



As research tells us, these amazing animals have been living on the planet for more than 220 million years! There is such a hypothesis that they were before the advent of dinosaurs. Nature has created them so well that after so many years they have not changed and evolved, which is considered a rarity among all living beings and organisms.Apparently, therefore, turtles live for so many years and easily adapt to almost any habitat.

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