How many distinguish degrees of obesity

Obesity develops due to an imbalance between meals and energy costs. More often people suffering from the disease are predisposed to corpulence and with diseases of the nervous and endocrine system. Recently it has been proven that with age, weight gain and the development of obesity are possible.
There are 4 degrees of obesity. For the first degree is characterized by an increase in body weight by 10-29% of the norm. At the same time, patients do not experience discomfort and do not complain of health. But already the first degree can disrupt metabolic processes in the body. Almost 60% of patients suffer from precisely this degree of obesity. Very often, it can progress, and the weight rise to higher numbers. In very rare cases, the first degree may be accompanied by shortness of breath. And this is the first bell to take action. Often there are emotional disorders: reduced self-esteem, there are complexes that can turn into depression.
Stage 2 obesity is characterized by overweight by 30-49% of the norm. This is a more serious threat, which is accompanied by health problems. There is an increased load on the heart muscle. With the second degree of obesity, severe shortness of breath appears, which can occur even with slight exertion. Very often, swelling of the lower extremities is observed, there is a constant weakness. Obesity with this degree is often accompanied by diseases of the knee joints, the development of flat-footedness and diseases of the spine.
The development of grade 3 obesity can threaten not only health, but also life. This degree of obesity affects mainly the adult population, in children it is very rare. The body can not cope with such a load, and therefore often develop diseases of the cardiovascular system, which is accompanied by pain in the heart, severe shortness of breath, and general swelling. Such people have low self-esteem and suffer from depression. Often there are pains in the joints and back.
Grade 4 obesity is a very rare pathology, because the patients hardly survive to it.People with similar weight are overweight, which is 2 times normal. The fattest man in the world was Jon Brower Minnoch, who had a weight of 635 kg. With this degree, the body turns into mountains of solid fat. Such people do not leave their homes and are often bedridden. Obesity grade 4 leads to shortness of breath, even in a state of rest. Patients die from severe heart failure.

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