How long do not fall asleep

It is necessary to sleep in advance. If you know in advance when you will not be able to rest and sleep at night, then it is advisable to have a good sleep. You can also arrange yourself an afternoon nap, he will give you a good charge of cheerfulness.
Shine. The human body is designed so that it responds to the amount and intensity of light. Under dim lighting you will be drowsy. To feel more cheerful, you need to illuminate the room where you are. Turn on everything that can glow. Set the maximum monitor brightness if you are working at the computer.
Cold. Cold tones and forces the body to become active. Periodically wash with cold water, open windows and let in fresh air, take a walk outside or eat ice cream. Do everything that gives you a cool feeling. When a person feels warm and comfortable, his chances of falling asleep increase.
Physical Education. Exercise every 20-30 minutes disperse the blood and improve the flow of oxygen to the brain and cells, which gives extra energy. Hop, jump or just walk for 15 minutes.
Hunger.Light hunger will help to cope with sleepiness. The body spends a lot of energy on the digestion of food, so after a hearty meal, there is a feeling of drowsiness.
Music. Music evokes an emotional response, and this involves many parts of the brain. Listen to fast and annoying hearing music at a low volume. Familiar and melodic music will not work. We need a rhythmic and unpleasantly beaten bit that evokes many emotions. The sound should be weak, so that you cannot clearly distinguish the words of the song. Try to sing along or shake your head to the beat. Such a technique will force the brain to work and “listen”, and it means that attention will turn on, and drowsiness will recede.
Massage. To get a small portion of vigor, massage the top of the head, back of the neck, earlobe, or under the knees. These points are energy points on the human body, and their stimulation will help relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation.
Discomfort. Hard chair, straight back, any slight sensation of discomfort will benefit in the task - do not fall asleep.
Aromatherapy. A strong and sharp smell quickly leads a person to a state of alert.Engage aromatherapy to stimulate the nervous system. Perfect essential oils of eucalyptus, mint and rosemary. If these oils were not at hand, then try several times to inhale the aroma of coffee beans.

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