How fashionable to wear jeans, bananas?

Denim pants - the most popular model, which for several decades has not disappeared from the wardrobe of leading fashionistas around the world. One of the varieties of such pants are bananas. For the first time they appeared on fashion catwalks in the 40s of the last century, and, if not trivial, at first they were exclusively a male item of clothing. Women they liked because of their versatility, because modern models allow you to create with them a large number of fashionable bows, ranging from casual, ending with even cocktail images.

What is it?

First, let's find out what are bananas jeans. Everything is simple - this model is extended in the hips and gradually tapering to the bottom of the leg. The length can be classic or 7/8. At the bottom of the leg can also have cuffs, strings or latches.

Belt in classic models has only a zipper and a button, and in more democratic can be decorated with ties, buckles or lacing instead of lightning. Here, the choice will depend only on your preferences.

If you look at the shape of these pants, you can see that it really resembles an elongated fruit.

Who is suitable?

Women love denim bananas for versatility. They can be worn:

  1. Slender girls tall. In this case, there are no restrictions on the models and cut.
  2. Those whom nature has not rewarded with rounded hips. Well, if appetizing forms are not your strong point, then they can be created visually. Expanded hips at the hips, pants will give the right amount.
  3. Low slender girls. But you should immediately clarify - only with the presence of shoes with heels. Otherwise you will seem even lower. If the heels you do not really complain about, then you can remain faithful to the usual shoes and shoes at a low speed, but then you can choose jeans with an overestimated waistline.
  4. Girls with broad shoulders. Giving volume to the hips, you can distract attention from the broad shoulders, making the figure visually more proportional.
  5. Owners of O-and X-shaped legs. Yes, we are not all perfect, so clothes often become our lifeline. She will help this time, hiding defects. But this is possible only in the absence of excess weight.

What's in a pair?

Choosing a different fit, length and decor, you can create a mass of simple and at the same time spectacular bows. What would be best for banana jeans?

  1. Office style is perfectly complemented by black, dark gray or dark blue jeans with high waist, to which you need to choose a light top. Ideally, a classic shirt or blouse that is tucked inside. Of shoes fit shoes or ankle boots on a low stable heel. Clutch folder will be the final touch. If you need a bit of warming, put your jacket on top.
  2. For romantic dates and walks, you can choose a light bottom and a light (for example, chiffon or kotonovuyu) blouse with a small thick print. An elongated cardigan can be worn over it. This will create a harmonious image in which jeans will not be too active accent. A thin belt will help emphasize the waist.
  3. Want to be the focus of attention at a party? Then, boldly choose animalistic prints. By themselves, they are pretty challenging, but bananas can easily “tame” them. A prerequisite - elegant shoes with high heels.
  4. Urban style is not only convenient, but also beautiful.This bow is suitable for active girls who move a lot and do not tolerate any kind of framework. How to create it? Choose jeans with bananas of blue or light blue hue, and to them a t-shirt or a t-shirt with a bright print, comfortable sneakers fit into the kit.

Romanticism will give a bow a soft pink color.

In the cold season, women's socks, short parks, coats or fur vests will successfully complement such a bottom.

Jeans bananas - a kind of "greetings from the past", which in modern playful looks fashionable and beautiful. Haven't got such a pair yet? Then, rather on shopping!

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