How fashionable to wear a vest? (9 photo)

If earlier vests were worn exclusively by sailors, today, such a thing is in the wardrobe of every woman of fashion. But to look stylish in a vest, you need to figure out how to properly wear it.

What it is?

The vest was originally part of the sailors military uniform. She appeared in France, then “migrated” to many other countries. And in 1917, this thing was noticed by the famous Coco Chanel, who considered that it looks very original. And since then, the vest began to wear not only sailors, but also aristocrats, resting in the resorts. Today, this garment can afford everything.

Who is going to?

A stripped vest is a rather specific thing, and its specificity is explained by a multitude of contrasting horizontal stripes. And the bands, as is known, visually expand the figure.

So it is better not to risk to owners of an apple-type figure, although in some cases a vest may be appropriate (more on this later). But most of all, this thing fits girls with wide hips and narrow shoulders. Also the vest will look perfect on skinny ladies.

How to choose?

What to look for when choosing?

  • The size. The teddy should not be too tight and fit the figure, otherwise the strips will stretch, and all the chic will be reduced to a minimum. So it is better to choose a thing larger than the size available.
  • The strips. Narrow stripes look more fresh and feminine. And the wide ones will attract attention and also add volume, so be careful with them.
  • Colour. In fashion stores you can find vests with pink, red, purple and other stripes. But it's better to pay attention to the classic combination of blue or black with white.
  • Style. The fitted vest will make the image more feminine and even elegant. A straight free cut is suitable for creating youth and fresh everyday kits.

Color combinations

Classic black stripes on a white background are perfectly combined with such colors as blue, blue, yellow, red, brown, beige, orange, purple and pink. As for the blue stripes, it is advantageous to emphasize them will help red, mustard or yellow, chocolate and red. And white is appropriate in all cases, it will make any image light and romantic.

How to wear?

What can I wear with a vest? There are a lot of interesting options:

  • Jeans. With a stripped vest, jeans of any cut look equally interesting: “boyfriends”, classic, narrow pipes, flared, and also wide “pipes”. And they can be both light and dark.
  • Pants. Narrow “pipes” with a vest look bright and even sexy, and wide loose pants will make you look like an aristocratic woman relaxing in the best resort. Stripes of white trousers are especially beneficial.
  • Skirts. With a striped vest, you can wear a romantic skirt of the “sun” style in the new look style of lightweight fabric, as well as a more feminine skirt on the floor of chiffon or linen. Unusually and stylishly this thing will look with a narrow skirt-pencil. The length can be almost any.
  • Shorts. These can be lightweight loose shorts made of fabric or youth jeans.
  • Slip a jacket or blazer over the vest to make the look youthful and fashionable.
  • You can wear a vest. Especially fashionable will look jeans.
  • A denim shirt can be worn over vest shirts. But it is better not to fasten and tie. Such an image will be slightly casual, but at the same time distinctive and creative.
  • Romantic and beautiful with a vest will look like a knitted cardigan.
  • In the cold season, you can wear a straight loose coat or leather jacket.


A stripped vest is a universal thing, as with it you can wear almost any shoe: ballet shoes, sneakers, sandals (both on a flat sole and on the heel), boots (preferably with wide tops or with stable small heels or without them). You can choose the right style for the model or play on the contrast, choosing, for example, feminine pumps on stiletto heels.


Some interesting ideas:

  • The bag can be almost any, but the most bright look clutches, envelopes, briefcases, as well as "shoppers."
  • Beads. It is best to wear long small beads. They, by the way, will pull out a silhouette.
  • Bright necklace with large stones (preferably with dark).
  • Wide bracelets.
  • It is possible to put a thin strap on top of the vest, this will help to designate the waist.
  • Feel free to wear scarves and scarves, but preferably plain.

Helpful Tips

Some useful recommendations:

  1. If you decide to wear a vest, then remember that she herself is the accent of the image, which means that you should not overload it with other bright and unusual things.Try to choose clothes of simple cut, calm tones and without unnecessary details.
  2. The strip is not combined with other patterns, so it is better to wear a vest with only plain clothes.
  3. If you are the owner of mouth-watering forms and really want to wear a vest, then do it. And to visually stretch the silhouette and to pacify the riot of the stripes a little, it is possible that the jacket is not thrown over the vest and is not fastened with a jacket, a blazer or a cardigan, but it is definitely dark.
  4. If you put on a vest with a skirt, then the best way is to tuck it in the waistband. As for jeans, you can wear this thing as a rundown, and tucked up completely or only partially.

Create unusual, stylish and vivid images!

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