How does a bat see

Virtually all types of bats are nocturnal, which means they must have sense organs adapted to the dark. Indeed, despite the fact that bats have eyes that they can see during the daytime, they mainly rely on echolocation.
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The first researchers who tried to understand the abilities of bats closed their eyes and covered the body and wings with a compound that was supposed to make the skin insensitive, but bats avoided all obstacles without problems. Only in the middle of the 20th century did scientists find out how mice navigate in space. During the flight, bats emit sound waves, and then catch their reflections from surrounding objects and thus create a picture of the world.
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Bats make sounds in the ultrasonic range, so we can not hear them. But the mice themselves understand each other perfectly. They have their own special language, with at least 15 syllables. Mice do not just make sounds, they sing songs that not only help them navigate in space, but give the opportunity to communicate.With their songs, the mice identify each other, attract females, solve controversial issues about the territory, teach the young. Some scientists put the language of bats in second place in development after human.
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Bats make strong sounds, so their ears are closed during singing with special partitions, if nature hadn’t provided such a mechanism, mice would have lost their hearing very quickly from constant overloads.
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Young bats do not immediately master the technique of exploring space with the help of ultrasound, they learn this gradually, in the process of communicating with their parents, to whom they try to shout with the help of invocatory sounds, which eventually transform into conscripts.
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Bats can see obstacles at a distance of about 17 meters. They emit their signals either through the mouth or through the nose, depending on the species.

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