How can I use colored salt?

If you want to decorate your interior without much cash, then this will help you crafts from colored salt. It can be used to decorate the external surfaces of bottles or vases, as well as to create applications and paintings, pre-lubricated with glue.

But the most popular and beautiful handicrafts from colored salt are loose in a bottle, glass or any other container, as they are very easy to manufacture. Even a three-year-old child will be able to cope with this task. You will not only decorate your house, but also have a wonderful time in the company of your baby.

Crafts made from colored salt are perfect for decorating any room in your house. They will add a bright accent to your interior. You can give gifts as souvenirs. The fact that you made them yourself, increases their value for the person who received such an original gift.

Also, such crafts can be used to decorate a wedding, especially if it is decorated in a nautical style.All you need is a little imagination.

To create colored salt fill, you'll need:

  • a bottle or any other transparent glass container;
  • salt "Extra" finely ground;
  • colorants;
  • dishes;
  • plastic bags;
  • rolling pin;
  • sieve;
  • funnel;
  • decorative elements (shells, beads, pebbles, etc.);
  • candle gel for creating crafts in glasses.

Methods for painting salt

After you have prepared everything you need, the question arises - how can you paint the salt? There are three ways in which ordinary white salt can be converted into colored salt.

  • Painting salt food dyes

You will need a cellophane bag, in which you need to pour in salt. After that, it is necessary to drop a few drops of food coloring. Then you need to tie the package and mash it in your hands in order to carefully rub the salt with the dye to obtain a uniform color. If you want to make a more saturated and bright color, then the ratio of salt and dye should be approximately as follows: 8 drops of food coloring for 200 grams of salt.

The advantage of this method is that the colored salt can be immediately used to create crafts, since there is almost no liquid in it.

  • Gouache painting

As in the first method, salt should be poured into a bag. Then you need to prepare gouache. It is best to use almost spent, dried paint, as they are easier to use. Just add a little water to the jar, stir it to make the colors disappear, and pour the contents into the sachet.

If you have new paints, then you need to take a separate container in which you can mix gouache with water: the less water and more paint, the brighter the color of salt.

The packet must be tied and carefully crushed in the hands. After the salt has completely colored, it should be poured into a plate, which must be placed in the microwave for 3-5 minutes at maximum temperature. You can also use the oven, but then you have to wait 1 hour until the salt dries well.

After such drying lumps are formed, which must be thoroughly softened. To do this, you can use a fork, with which you can crush the lumps in the plate, or the rolling pin. You just pour the contents of the plate into a dry bag, and roll it out with a rolling pin. Then you need to sift the salt through a sieve so that it becomes fine again.

  • Painting salt with colored chalk

The advantage of this method is that you immediately see what color the salt will be after painting, as its color will be exactly the same as that of the chalk.

It is necessary to pour salt on a sheet of paper and rub it with crayon. This is quite troublesome. If you want to speed up the painting process, you can put a piece of chalk in a mortar and grind it. After that, the chalk must be added to salt and mix thoroughly. That's all - colored salt is ready.

How can you make fillings of colored salt?

First of all, prepare a bottle or any other glass container. It will look very nice bottle of unusual shape. It needs to be washed, cleaned of the labels and dry thoroughly. After this, you need to insert a funnel into the bottle and fill in the colored salt.

In order to create a pattern in the form of waves, you need to tilt the bottle at different angles when you pour each new layer. You can try to "draw" some drawing, but it's quite a laborious occupation. You will need a needle that you need to gently hold on the walls of the bottle. Salt will fall in these places, creating a certain pattern.

If you make a filling in a glass or other container with a wide neck, then you can use a paper cone with a small hole on the top instead of a funnel. So it will be more convenient for you to pour salt.

After the bottle is completely filled, you need to gently knock it on the table so that the salt is tamped. Then you need to close the bottle with a cap or stopper, which can be decorated with a satin ribbon or any other decorative elements.

It is possible to decorate powders in a glass with shells, pebbles, beads, etc. All this should be filled with candle gel. This will help keep your craft for a long time. You can insert a wick into the gel and then you will have a candle that will be no worse than decorative candles sold in stores.

As you can see, it is possible to decorate the house and without special expenses. All you need is colored salt, a bottle and a little imagination.

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