How can you learn to tie a beautiful pareo?

During the summer beaches and strong heat, the pareo became indispensable and versatile clothing, which has already begun to go beyond bathing suits. If you learn to use this thing wisely, you can hide the flaws of the figure, if any, and emphasize its merits. To do this, you need to learn how to properly tie it and select it for your type of figure.

A pareo is a large piece of fabric, usually rectangular or square, with bright colors and patterns. Almost all women of any age know what it is and have at least one such thing in their wardrobe.

It is believed that his homeland is the island of Tahiti. If you believe the local tributes, then one day, one of the most beautiful girls of the island went to the beach in an extravagant outfit. On her thighs, skillfully tied, flaunted a piece of fabric of unprecedented beauty. After such a phenomenon, all the local girls began to repeat such an interesting outfit.

It is not known whether this is true or not, but soon the pareo became the national costume of the island of Tahiti. The beauty of the fabric and bright patterns began to attract the attention of tourists, thus, over time, it came to us and managed to gain enormous popularity.

Why buy?

  • If you use it skillfully, you can hide the flaws of your figure. For example, if you have wide hips and a protruding belly, then tie a pareo diagonally across the belly, making the bow just above the waist. A short pareo, tied at the hips, can visually increase growth. If you have no waist at all, then you can tie a pareo low on the thighs, which will visually enlarge them, and reduce the waist. If it is tightly tied on the chest, then you can visually increase it.
  • This is an indispensable element of beachwear. If you are resting somewhere in a beach area, a boarding house, or at a resort, then it’s not at all necessary to pull on your jerseys, shorts, and sundresses to go to the beach or go to the store for water. It is enough to tie a light shawl that will replace all the above clothes. After all, the most important advantage is a huge number of ways to tie a pareo beautifully.
  • It protects well from sunlight.If you need to cover some part of the body, then a lightweight fabric will not interfere at all, and also beautify your appearance.

Usually pareo match the color of your swimsuit. Now fashion designers have already simplified the selection process - they create entire sets that already include a swimsuit and a pair of one tone or even the same color.

But if you bought a swimsuit separately, do not be discouraged, you can easily find the right shade of pareo, their variety is really impressive. It is best to choose the color of your pareo and swimsuit depending on your figure; for girls with lush shapes, too bright and large patterns on the beach shawl will not always go, and, conversely, too thin a girl will be able to add a little volume to herself due to this color. But, of course, the choice is yours.

Simple and fast

As already mentioned, this scarf has several dozen ways of how to tie a pareo. In order for you to succeed in these options, it is necessary, for a start, to choose the correct sizes. Remember that the width of the pareo should be equal to the triple volume of your hips, and for more variations, add another 50 cm to it.Let's discuss the most simple, but interesting ways to use the pareo.

  1. Take a handkerchief and wrap their backs with the ends hand-tight. Tie the ends of a tight knot over the chest, you get a kind of dress, in the same way you can make a skirt, just by moving the knot to the waist.
  2. For the next method, you will need two shawls. Throw a pareo under the left shoulder, and bring the ends to the opposite shoulder, where tie them into a knot. We do the same with a different handkerchief and the opposite shoulder.
  3. Throw a pair of pareos on your back, and pull the ends of the scarf forward, then tie them to the back of your head.
  4. Take one end of the pareo and, starting from the front, just above the chest, wrap yourself with a handkerchief twice, the first end should remain on the shoulder. Lead the second end from the back and tie the main knot.
  5. Pareo-top. Take a scarf or scarf, roll it into a long but narrow strip. Put it symmetrically on the neck, just above the back. Bring both ends forward and cover them with the chest, holding the end of the scarf crosswise. Tie the ends of the pareo on the back. This image is very bold and bright, for girls who are not afraid to attract attention.
  6. Wrap the pareo around the back and tie the ends over the shoulder. Tie the two lower ends of the fabric over the thigh. With this method, you get a playful image with a peeping leg.
  7. Trousers. Yes, with the help of such universal scarves, you can even come up with pants. For this you will need two handkerchiefs. One is wrapped just below the waist, the upper ends are tied at the opposite thigh, and the lower ends are fastened at the ankle of the other leg. We do the same with the second handkerchief, just choose the other leg.

As you can see, there are many ways to tie a pareo. Only a small fraction of those that exist is listed here. You can experiment in front of a mirror yourself, inventing various variations on this topic.

It is best to use a few handkerchiefs, then the outfit will be more interesting and unusual.

What is fashionable now?

This season promises a fashion for acid colors - lemon, green, orange and others. Also, no less relevant, promises to be animal subjects - leopard, tiger, zebra, snake and other wild animals. Never go out of fashion sea and beach prints.

For more gentle and sophisticated ladies, fashionable and romantic flowers, transparent monochromatic fabrics with a minimum number of patterns will do.

Any woman, wearing such a light and translucent fabric, can feel bold and sexy, so try and experiment, because the summer is already around the corner.

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