How can I hide regrown roots without resorting to full hair coloring? I want them to get some rest from the paint))

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Answered on December 10, 2014 16:41
In fact, regrown roots are not as scary as they seem. The main thing is to approach the process creatively  and not to complex yourself about them. With regrown roots, even stars are not afraid to appear. Perfectly hide regrown roots: - zigzag or chaotic parting - curls, waves, curls - it is desirable to avoid smooth hairstyles - voluminous hairstyles, including bouffant - spikelets, different weaving, better openwork, nezalisanye - hair accessories - wide hoop, shawls, scarves - a spectacular option - the use of eye shadows in the tone of natural hair (if the regrown roots are brown, black and other dark shades)
Lyudmila Kudryashova
Lyudmila Kudryashova
Answered on December 10, 2014 17:19
If not too different, then do not hide, it's not so scary! or, if you are tired of painting, and you want to regain your old color, just go to the salon and ask to paint you in a natural color that is close to your own. So though you expose your hair to dye, but for the last time! Then just treat your hair with masks, and in the salons now a lot of things are offered for restoration.

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