How can Bordeaux fluid be used?

Fans of gardening often come across in their practice with diseases of garden crops. They lead not only to a decrease in the number of crops, but also to the loss of the plant itself. To combat the disease using various means, the most successful among them is a chemical - Bordeaux fluid. The demand for a substance is based on its success. With proper use of the drug, you can achieve a good result without harmful effects on the environment.

About the tool

Properties Bordeaux fluid can successfully treat plants from fungus and late blight, through exposure to copper ions. It perfectly cleanses with harmful insects, protecting the garden plantations. Suitable for processing trees and flowers. It can be purchased in a specialized trading network or made by yourself.

It is worth remembering that it is still a chemical agent. Therefore, it must be applied reasonably, taking into account various factors.For example, correctly calculate the dosage and processing conditions of crops, without abusing the substance. It is recommended to spray the plants in spring and during the growing season, fruit trees no later than a month before picking the fruits. For crop diseases, re-treatment in the fall is required.

Required rules

The use of Bordeaux mixture in horticulture requires adherence to certain rules that preserve human health and do not harm nearby growing crops. These include:

  • use of protective equipment (mittens, respirator, protective clothing);
  • ban on smoking, alcohol, food intake during processing;
  • impossibility of carrying out the procedure next to vegetables ready for collection;
  • careful processing of fruits before ingestion;
  • taking into account possible particles of the substance when spraying over long distances.

Cooking tool

Independent preparation of the drug is not difficult. For this you need to take two ingredients - copper sulfate and quicklime. How to dilute them correctly?

Three hundred grams of vitriol are dissolved in three liters of water in a single container.Similarly, come with the same amount of lime. For the breeding of substances, it is desirable to use wooden or enameled containers. Water should be hot. Both solutions gradually increase in volume to five liters, adding cold water. Then they are mixed, pouring a little vitriol solution into lime. As a result, ten liters of bright blue means are obtained for spraying garden plants.

Check for excess copper is carried out with litmus paper or a usual clean nail. It is eliminated by the addition of lime mortar. Ready Bordeaux liquid is immediately used with constant stirring, as it can lose its properties. To store it for a couple of days, it is enough to add ten grams of sugar to the solution.

Homemade preparation of the drug allows you to reduce cash costs. But you can also buy a ready-made kit containing all the components, including litmus paper. Bordeaux liquid is 3% and 1%.

Subtleties of use

For spraying apply special tools that can also be purchased at a specialty store.The agent is applied evenly to all plants, each leaflet is carefully processed. What else to pay attention to?

  1. Do not allow the mixture to fall on people and soil, so animals and children should be isolated during the procedure.
  2. Spraying is not performed during the rainy period, in order to avoid washing the product in the ground.
  3. Works are carried out taking into account the direction of the wind. In particularly windy weather, the procedure should not be carried out.
  4. Three-percent solution of the treated culture once a day until the appearance of the kidneys. One-percent composition during the growing season can be treated plants up to three times.
  5. A different amount of substance per square meter for trees and bushes is taken into account. For fruit crops it is twenty liters per hundred squares, for bush crops from fifteen to ten liters.

Bordeaux mixture - a great helper gardener in the care of garden crops. With a reasonable approach to its use, you can get a good harvest and preserve the health of trees and shrubs, saving them from fungal diseases and the effects of pests.

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