How useful are vegetable cocktails?

Everyone knows that vegetables are very useful, especially if consumed fresh and not subjected to heat treatment. Vegetable juices are less popular than fruit juices, but also tasty. And of them you can prepare bright refreshing cocktails!

How useful are cocktails from vegetables?

Vegetable shakes contain a lot of various substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body and maintain health. Consider their main useful properties:

  • Virtually all vegetables contain significant amounts of dietary fiber that normalize digestion, make regular stools and relieve constipation, stimulating peristalsis of the intestinal walls.
  • Cellulose, getting into the stomach and absorbing fluid, fills the body and thus gives a feeling of satiety for several hours. Regularly using vegetable cocktails, you can control your appetite and avoid overeating. And this is a great hearty and healthy snack.
  • Cocktails from vegetables - an effective detox-agent, which cleanses the digestive tract and the entire body from toxins, slags and other harmful substances.
  • The recipe of the cocktail, which includes vegetables of bright shades, can lift your spirits and energize. It is proved that if the food looks attractive and has a rich color, then it activates the brain, stimulates the production of joy hormones and eliminates the manifestations of depression. And you can also take some interesting photos and put them on a social network to envy your friends and subscribers.
  • Such drinks will help get rid of extra pounds and control weight. In most vegetables only about 30-50 kilocalories, and this is very small. If you use cocktails as snacks and replace them with one full meal per day, you can quickly put a figure in order and gain harmony without strict restrictions.
  • All vegetables contain a huge amount of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, minerals and other nutrients. Specific properties depend on the composition of the drink: vitamins of group B normalize metabolic processes and improve the functioning of the nervous system, potassium contributes to the nutrition of the heart muscle, magnesium reduces stress, vitamin C strengthens the vascular walls and immunity, vitamin A is good for eyes, mucous membranes and skin.

How to do?

Make any vegetable smoothie easy. Such drinks are prepared in different ways:

  1. The easiest and most obvious option is to use a juicer. You just need to chop the vegetables and, if necessary, free them from the stalks, seeds and skins. Freshly squeezed juices obtained are simply put together and mixed with a spoon, fork or whisk. If desired, you can whip them with a mixer to get a light airy foam. But this option is only suitable for soft and juicy vegetables, as pressing hard is difficult and problematic.
  2. You can make a cocktail smoothie, grinding the components in a blender or food processor, if you have such a device. The drink will be very thick and satisfying. To slightly dilute it and make it more liquid, add water or vegetable juice.
  3. If there are no kitchen appliances, then the usual grater will do. Rub the selected vegetables on it, then strain the mashed potatoes and squeeze thoroughly through a clean cloth or gauze to extract all the juice.

Vegetables need to be prepared. Wash them thoroughly, remove the stalks and seeds, if they are large, hard and coarse. Dense skin is also removed, and to speed up and facilitate such a procedure, predip the vegetable with boiling water or immerse it in hot water for a few minutes. The peel should then detach easily and quickly.

What to use for cooking?

The composition of cocktails can include almost any vegetables, but there are a few rules. Firstly, seasonal vegetables are best to use: they have much more vitamins. Secondly, give preference to local species and varieties so that your body can fully and properly assimilate them. Thirdly, choose natural and healthy vegetables that do not contain nitrates (a special device, the nitratomer, will help assess their level). Ideal - to grow everything in their own garden, but it is possible to buy products from local farmers who have a good reputation. Finally, in the fourth, the vegetables should be ripe, but, of course, not rotten.

The cocktail is made from several vegetables and can be combined in a variety of ways. The choice of variations depends on your taste preferences, so experiment. But it is desirable to combine acidic or neutral low-calorie vegetables with sweet, containing a significant amount of glucose. The first category includes cucumber, tomato, Bulgarian pepper, cabbage. The second group - pumpkin, beet, carrot.


A few recipes for healthy vegetable cocktails:

  • It will take: one ripe beet, a bunch of beet tops, a couple of celery stalks. All components must be crushed in a blender, and then squeezed.
  • Necessary: ​​carrot, bell pepper, three tablespoons of sour cream (low-fat, if you follow the figure). Peel and grate the carrots or chop them in a blender. Pepper free from seeds and stems, also chop. Squeeze both vegetables completely through cheesecloth, add sour cream, mix everything. Milk fat will ensure the proper absorption of carotene contained in carrots.
  • To get a refreshing green cocktail, you need the following ingredients: a bunch of parsley, cucumber, spinach. Immerse everything in a juicer or combine.
  • And this cocktail includes tomato, zucchini and fresh ginger. The composition is very unusual, but the taste will turn out excellent. Tomato, scalded with boiling water, clean. Zucchini is also peeled and freed from seeds, if they are large. Tomato can be squeezed in a juicer. But the zucchini is better to grind, then squeeze through cheesecloth. Combine the ingredients, then rub the ginger and add to your shake. It turns out unusual.
  • To make a nutritious orange cocktail, use a pumpkin and carrot.Crush and squeeze these foods or leave them in a puree state, slightly diluted with water. And for the greatest usefulness, put a couple of tablespoons of flaxseed or olive oil.
  • Make a refreshing multicomponent cocktail of cucumber, garlic cloves, half a head of purple or red onion, tomato, celery stalk and a bunch of dill. The easiest option is to grind all the ingredients in a combine or blender. Then you can leave the drink in the form of smoothies or strain it several times through the gauze to extract the juice.

Prepare vegetable smoothies, enjoy the taste and get the most out of it!

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