How ancestral actions influence our destiny and what to do about it

We publish an excerpt from the bestseller of the winner of the 16th season of the “Battle of the Psychics” Victoria Rydos “The Cult of the Ancestors”.

“We all want to live our lives intelligently and happily.” Build a house, plant a tree, raise a son. Become a respected person. Realize your abilities and talents. Achieve what we dream. And each of us has enough energy to achieve everything and live the life we ​​want.

If a person feels that he does not have enough energy, this usually means that the person simply does not know how to use it. Most of the energy we can get from our kind. If there were many people in the clan who lived their lives reasonably and happily, and there is no bad heredity in them, such a clan can be considered especially revered, because it gives its descendants all the power that has been accumulated in it for centuries.If you are lucky to be born in such a family, treat this gift wisely! Remember that you have a lot of power that you need to multiply and continue.

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But what if the race is weak (and this happens when there are suicides in the race, unborn children, excluded family members, damned) and does not give a person the strength, and even if he takes them? Often, in this case, the person as if cannot begin to live his own destiny and endlessly deals with generic tasks.

Often, generic problems lead to incomprehensible difficulties that people cannot solve: lack of life joy, suicidal thoughts, physical or mental illnesses, difficulties in creating their own family (unrequited love, problems with a spouse and children, sterility). And if a person seems to be doing everything right, but life is still not glued, this is a sign that his problems are going according to his kind.

And what to do then - complain about the unfair fate that caused a person to be born in this kind?

Each person has his own life path and the goal that he must achieve. And everyone has the conditions in which we are in the passage of this path. This can be represented as a small weight on the leg: you have some task that you are doing, but you are not absolutely free, you have some difficulty. But even in the sport, these weights are hung not just like that. This is done to ensure that the result is better, in order to pump certain specific muscles, for example.

Roughly the same thing happens in fate. The first reaction to some complexity is, of course, irritation. After all, it is unfair! Why did this trouble fall on me - birth in a clan where there are many problems? In a clan in which a serious genetic disease is inherited, or in which every second is an alcoholic, or in which they tortured and killed their own loved ones? Do I really have no personal mission on Earth except to deal with the problems of their ancestors - the problems that they most often created for themselves?


And only a person, whose spiritual level is already high enough to understand the nonrandomness of everything that is happening, sees that the difficult conditions in which he finds himself are not an annoying coincidence, but conditions necessary for him personally, for his growth and for his creation. own fate.

The universe is not mistaken, it gives us exactly the conditions that we need. Everyone has a time when the Universe checks how well a person has learned life lessons. These are tests that a person must overcome in order to reach a new level or confirm that he is at his level by right. And one of these tests can be work with ancestral karma. Maybe, in one of the previous incarnations, it was you who created the karmic knot that led to difficulties in the family, so now your task is to atone for your mistake, correcting or suffering for it. It is difficult, almost impossible to get out of the negative generic programs simply at will, they can only be healed.And in every clan there was always someone who did something first.

Maybe it is you who will become the "first strong" in your family - the person who will change the life of the whole family for the better?

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