How alcohol affects the body: 8 scientific facts

64641_1_org_image_361ac909cb8a5b087b2944d874303afeEveryone knows that drinking alcohol affects the human body. But few people know exactly what effect alcohol has on the internal systems and processes occurring in the organs. Let's find out what happens when we drink a few glasses or glasses.

Scientists for many years have been investigating changes in the organisms of people who consume alcohol. During this time, a lot of facts and interesting patterns have accumulated, to which we will dedicate this article.

Here are 8 scientific facts about how alcohol affects a person.

№ 1.No human organ is safe in the use of alcohol - each is destroyed, but in its own way.

№ 2.The more a person drank, the worse his visual and auditory analyzers function.

№ 3.Drinking alcohol disrupts oxidation-reduction processes in the body.

№ 4.Scientists have discovered a form of epilepsy that occurs solely with alcohol abuse.

№ 5.Alcoholism is not inherited - only a tendency to it. The scientists conducted an experiment with preschool children: they asked the children to play a "wedding" or "birthday." The whole group began to reproduce the familiar script of the feast, imitate how they open the bottles, drink, clink glasses, pronounce toasts.

№ 6.Scientists have proven that alcohol accelerates blood clotting. This can cause blood clots and increase the risk of stroke.

№ 7.Australian scientists have found that the use of alcohol causes a gradual decrease and drying up of the brain. And this applies not only to heavily drinking citizens, but also to those who drink moderately. Because of 100 milligrams of ethyl alcohol, about 2,000 cells die in the brain. These data were confirmed by more than 90% of alcoholics and 80% of moderate users.

№ 8.Alcohol brings deceptive relief. In fact, the tension in the brain and in the entire nervous system is preserved. But when intoxication passes, this tension begins to be felt with new force, because to it are added also a hangover, and a sense of guilt. That's why many alcoholics can not get out of drinking-bouts - this vicious circle is not easy to break.


These were the 8 most interesting facts about how alcoholic beverages affect the body, the discovery of which we owe to scientists!

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