Hot wax depilation

The problem of excess hair is familiar to almost everyone: both women and men. There are many ways to solve this issue: shaving, laser hair removal, hair removal with epilators, depilation cream. But all of them either do not give an instant effect, or traumatize the skin, causing irritation, ingrown hairs, or the result does not last long. All this makes the process of body care in the hated torture. Depilation wax is the optimal ratio of all parameters: quickly, cleanly, permanently.
The procedure is as follows. The skin surface is cleaned with a lotion, the skin should be perfectly clean. After that, wax is applied to the skin (it can be cold, warm, hot). The choice of wax depends on the zone that will be depilated. Hot wax is most often used in salons, cold is intended for use at home (wax strips). But you can choose any type of wax, all of them are available (hot and warm wax depilation kits can be found and ordered on the Internet).Consider applying warm wax on the body. It is applied using a roll-on cassette for hair growth. The wax almost instantly hardens on the hairs and is removed with the help of special paper, against hair growth. After that, means are applied to the skin after depilation of the hair. They soothe the skin, narrow pores, slow down the growth of new hairs.
Of course, waxing is a rather painful procedure. But it does not last long. For owners of very sensitive skin, painkillers were invented. They can be purchased at the pharmacy and applied according to the instructions.
During the procedure, dead skin cells are removed along with the hairs, which makes it smooth and velvety. But the first few times this can lead to irritation (redness, small white pimples). Do not squeeze them out! In the open pores got dirt and they are inflamed. With constant use of wax, the skin gets used and the pores taper faster. To relieve irritation and fast healing, you need to wipe the skin with a chlorhexidine solution. Creams and ointments containing dexpanthenol also have a healing effect.

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