Black Lagoon Hot Glue Bracelet

A regular glue gun with hot glue can be used not only for gluing various parts, but also for creating various crafts and ornaments. Do not believe? Let's make a bracelet of hot glue. Even a beginner can handle it.
 Hot Glue Bracelet
Getting Started! To create a bracelet, we need:
  • - glue gun with 1 - 2 glue sticks;
  • - foil;
  • - black nail polish;
  • - white nail polish with crackle effect (can be replaced with white acrylic paint);
  • - transparent nail polish;
  • - glue Moment;
  • - clasp - a carbine for a bracelet and two rings;
  • - pliers and pliers;
  • - f pny cream.
 Hot glue bracelet
Step 1. Take a chain, preferably black, because bracelet will be dark. Before that, remember to measure your wrist,so that the bracelet does not get too big or very small. Then from one end of the chain we pass the ring and close it with pliers. On the other hand, we also thread a ring with a carabiner for fastening.
 Hot Glue Bracelet
Step 2. Take the foil. Grease it with a fat cream to make the droplets peel off the foil well. We squeeze out small droplets of glue on the foil from the hot melt glue gun; they should turn out to be flat, like semi-beads. These will be beads for a bracelet. The number of beads depends on the length of the chain. (In this product, the length of the chain is 14 cm and it turns out about 10 beads) Note: Wait until the gun warms up properly and the glue is very hot. Otherwise, the droplets will be sloppy and crooked. When working with hot glue, be careful and pay special attention to the safety of children, as the glue gun heats up and the glue comes out very hot.
 Hot Glue Bracelet
Hot bracelet glue
Step 3.When the glue beads are dry, you need to paint them with black nail polish. It is better to do this without tearing them from the foil. Then we take white nail polish with the effect of “crackle” and apply on top of the black varnish. Subsequently, the lacquer will crack and create a marble effect. If there is no such varnish, then you can use ordinary white acrylic paint or white nail polish, painting thin uneven lines to get the effect of marble. Everything is fixed with transparent nail polish. All is fixed with transparent nail polish. kleya.jpg "alt =" Hot glue bracelet "title =" Hot glue bracelet ">
Step 4. Glue our beads to the chain. This can be done with the same hot melt glue gun or Moment glue. Since I had one extra bead left, I made another ring. For this, I attached one bead to the ring base, which can be purchased at any store for creativity.
 Hot Glue Bracelet
The bracelet is ready! The advantage of this bracelet is that you yourself can create the shape of beads, change colors. Everyone can feel like a designer, creating a unique decoration.  Hot Glue Bracelet

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