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I work as an office manager in Moscow. We already had a not very good experience with one cleaning company, so I am looking for a reliable and proven service. Can you advise something?

Tired of noise, dust and crowds of people. We live m.Kantemirovskaya. Daughter is often sick, I, too, constantly with red eyes. In general, the husband is already swearing - he demands that he move to the suburbs - where the environment is better and away from the city. There are options?

Girls, hello. Can anyone use Redmond Ovsky Multi Baker? I have been looking at it like this for a long time, but I don’t decide to buy everything. It is said that a lot of removable panels go to it. Share your impressions of use)

Hostess housewives. Tell us who uses what?

Where now you can buy decent dishes with a good price?

Auchan and others like them is not an option. Passed stage.

Girls, how do you cope with life and children? I have no strength, everything falls off my hands, it breaks around one after another and I don’t know what to do if there is no new breakage on super glue and tape.

What does inlet ventilation and its working principle mean?

What are the types of mesh wardrobe designs?

Recently, the Asus laptop stopped turning on, when you press the button, the greeting sound goes and the keyboard lights up, but the screen does not light up, what could it be?

I have a whole yard planted with roses. But to take care of them is problematic, I always scratch my hands and prick about the spikes.

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