Hen party scenarios before the wedding

Svetlana Rumyantseva

Gone are the days when future brides shed tears at hen-parties, with fear representing the future life. Today this event is filled with positive emotions. For many, it becomes the last breath of freedom before marriage. Organizational advice will help you to fully enjoy the bachelorette party, and creative ideas with an extraordinary scenario will turn the event into an exciting adventure.

7 rules of an unforgettable bachelorette party

To hold the event is best for 5-7 days before the wedding. If the bachelorette party is arranged on the eve of the wedding, a boisterous fun and sleepless night will not have the best effect on the appearance of the bride on a solemn day.
Invite only close friends. At the hen night the secret secrets are revealed, which should not be known to strangers.
All wishes regarding the dress code voice in advance. Print memorable cards with invitations and distribute to your friends in person.
Decide in advance how much money you are willing to spend on a bachelorette party.
Determine who will be the organizer of the bachelorette party: you, beloved friend, future witness or invited person from the agency.
Stock up on small symbolic gifts for girlfriends.
Clearly indicate the theme of the event: a quest, a photo session, a picnic, a rest in the countryside, or a visit to places of entertainment, so that guests prepare for the upcoming fun.

Hen party scenarios before the wedding


The choice of location depends on the amount of money that the future bride is ready to spend on a bachelorette party, as well as on the preferences and wishes of the girl and her friends.

The most economical option would be a home party, but this does not mean that the quality of the fun will deteriorate. Fantasy and warm company will make the evening unforgettable anywhere.
The classic choice is going to the club. This is not surprising. Night parties with my husband are not so fiery. In the last days of free life, you need to come off to the fullest to last for the rest of your life.
Restaurant, bar, karaoke takes one of the leading positions as a venue for a bachelorette party. Here and food, and talk, and contests.
A trip to the spa will be a wonderful way to relax, talk to your friends and get unforgettable pleasure in the hands of a nice masseuse. This is a rather non-standard choice for a bachelorette party, which is gaining popularity in recent years.
The water park is a place where fun and a sea of ​​positive emotions are provided to the bride and her friends.
A trip out of town in the warm season will bring a lot of pleasure. To rent a small cozy cottage for a couple of days to spend with your friends is a great idea. You will gain strength before the bustle of the wedding and calmly say goodbye to a free girl's life, remembering past adventures and insane deeds with your friends.

The choice of location also affects the bachelorette party program.

Hen party scenarios before the wedding


Friendly competitions are a universal way to have fun and remember comic stories of unmarried years. Tired of playing a bottle? Then you will like the original contests for hen party presented below.

Magic kiss

What should a girl have time to do before the wedding? Kiss unfamiliar handsome. But the trouble is: the future husband is jealous, and there is not enough courage to give a kiss to a male stranger. This contest will solve the problem.Ask your girlfriends to bring photos of attractive men: favorite actors, singers, businessmen, politicians. Choose one for yourself. Pulling the rope at the level of the face, hang out the photos on it, fixing it to the clothespins, make your lips brighter and get down to business. Throw lots and take turns blindfolding each other, go to meet the man of dreams. The task: to find and kiss his handsome man. For each participant, swap photos. The winner is the one that first finds the selected picture.

To check the intuition of the bride, hang the image of the groom. A faithful heart will indicate direction. And if not ... then everything is still ahead.

Man of dreams

For this contest you will need a magazine with real beauties. Cut out the images of the men you like and divide them into parts: head, shoulder girdle, arms, stomach, legs. Spread the body parts into smooth heaps and mix. And now, at random, pull out two of the piles of arms and legs and one of the rest. Glue the resulting dream man on paper and make him a name. The most attractive portrait wins.

Hen party scenarios before the wedding

Female logic

Describe on the paper bills difficult women's situations:

Heel stuck in the sewer grate in sight of a man you like.
The girl chose a wedding dress for a long time, but before the solemn ceremony, she saw that another bride was wearing the same dress.
Before going on vacation, the girl decided to change her image and repaint, but the hairdresser confused something and changed her hair color to purple.
Date in 5 minutes, and the nail polish has not dried yet ...

The girls in turn come up with effective ways out of awkward situations. The prize is given for humor and originality.

Prequest quest

Quest is a real adventure. The participants of the bachelorette party will become heroes of the intricate investigation, the purpose of which is to find a gift for the bride. Such a pastime will appeal to lovers of action and outdoor activities. Performing exciting tasks, the bride will plunge into the warm memories of romantic meetings with her beloved bridegroom. The other participants of the bachelorette party will check whether their girlfriend is ready for family life, and also take part in a cheerful investigation and insure the bride in case of failure.

This will make the game fascinating not only for the bride, but also for the other friends.Organizational issues relating to the search for materials and making a gift, deal with all the invited girls.

The described scenario is an approximate course of action. It shows the logic of creating a quest and the selection of tasks. Having connected the imagination, you can increase the number of points, keys, dilute the action with contests for bridesmaids or comic tasks.

Home quest "Ready for the wedding!"

You will need:

personal information about the life of the bride and groom,
symbolic gift.

Hen party scenarios before the wedding

The gift is hiding in a place symbolic for the bride. To do this, select the main motive of the quest. In this case, the emphasis is on the proposal of the hand and heart. The inspirational story is this: the girl, preparing the baked chicken, forgot to turn off the oven and burned a festive treat. The cavalier, to comfort her friend, organized a romantic dinner with candles, ordering food from the restaurant. During the feast he made an offer to his lady of heart.

The goal of the quest: to dip the bride in the romantic experiences of that evening.

Tasks for obtaining keys:

From the series of children's photos to choose the image of her husband. On the back of the desired card, the bride will find the key: "heat"
The girl is blindfolded. Three t-shirts are laid out in front of her. By the smell of perfume or deodorant, she guesses what thing belongs to her future husband. The key is the color of the shirt - white.
Of the 10 books laid out on the table, one is beloved by her husband. The bride's task is to guess what kind of book it is, and to find on her pages an underlined figure, word or phrase. It will become a new key. In this case, the word “baked” and it will help solve the riddle of the next task.
Now the future wife is to solve the comic equation: D - x = P

Where D is the number when the acquaintances met, and P is the ordinal number of the month in which the couple first kissed. For example, the acquaintance occurred on April 10, and the kiss happened in May: x-10 = 5. The desired number is 5, and this is the key to the next riddle.

The bride receives 2 sets of cards. On one written memorable events, on the other - dates. Combining the cards in pairs, the bride puts them in chronological order. Using the previous key, she chooses the fifth pair and reads the next clue: "A proposal of the hand and heart."

Having completed the tasks, the bride gets four keys that will indicate the place where to look for a gift: "heat", "white", "baked", "offer of the hand and heart".It remains to look into the oven and discover the long-awaited prize and certificate, which states: “Ready for marriage!”

Hen party scenarios before the wedding

Variations of comic assignments

During the quest, girls can take breaks with exciting contests.

Best bride

Bridesmaids, using scrap materials, create wedding images in 10 minutes. The bride chooses the winner and gives her a veil. Paper, including toilet paper, holiday wrappers, ribbons, lace, scarves, scarves and other accessories, will be suitable as materials for the attire. Advance should take care of scissors and pins.

The most extravagant hairstyle

Task: to create an unusual hairstyle in 15 minutes. Materials: hair dryer, combs, varnish, styling products. Use of hairpins, crabs, rubber bands, ribbons, shawls is welcomed. Creativity is doubly appreciated: you can use sushi sticks, foil, and even a small vase with herbarium elements to create a hairstyle. Prize - hair styling product.

The most sexy makeup

At the disposal of the ladies there is a beautician and 5 minutes. During this time, you need to create an image of a fatal seductress. The winner will get lipstick.

Miss seduction

This is a dance competition. The girls write the names of the songs on pieces of paper, and then draw lots, each taking turns on the improvised scene. For the most seductive dance a girl receives a gift of sexy stockings.

A special pleasure will be shooting each other in competitive outfits. Photos will remind of an unforgettable evening and will occupy a worthy place in the album.

Street quest "Love story"

Carrying out a street quest will require movement over long distances. Use for this car, public transport or own legs - to decide the participants of the game.

For the quest, find out:

Where and when the newlyweds met,
In what place was the first kiss,
What places are associated with happy memories of the couple,
How and where did the first date of the bride and groom have ...

Hen party scenarios before the wedding

The number of questions depends on the scenario of the walk. The more points, the longer the quest. For a long search, think over routes that include cafes and places for recreation: squares and parks with comfortable benches. A picnic can be included in the program of the hen party, if one of the destinations is a green park or other picturesque place.

The departure point is the place of acquaintance. The bride needs to find a small envelope in which there will be a hint: a verse about the first kiss, a map with three marked addresses and a drawing of a balloon. Selecting the desired direction from the proposed, the bride goes on a further search.
After arriving at the place where the first kiss happened, the girl needs to find a balloon. Seeing him on a branch of a tree, the top of a fence, or tied to the bars of a second floor window, she should think of a way to reach the desired goal. Note with a tip inside the ball. It is enough to burst it to get the key to the next task. The paper indicates the name of the cafe in which the first meeting of the future newlyweds took place.
Reaching the destination, the bride is looking for a new clue. This time the quest will end when she remembers at which table she sat with the gentleman. The goal of the quest is the first love verse of the groom, attached to the back of the tabletop. Another possible option - a box with a gift of a loved one. You can put a soft toy, decoration or other thing in it and hide it on a chair or under the table.On the liner write: "Where am I from?" The task of the girl is to remember where she got this gift and will go there.
On the spot, she will meet the numbers written on the asphalt or the wall, signifying the date. On this day, the groom offered the hand and heart of his beloved. Having deciphered the riddle, the future spouse will go for a long-awaited gift.

Girlfriends during the quest actively help the bride. A team of participants can wear the same dress. If you use a car to get around the city, show your imagination and decorate it with identification marks. And do not forget about the photos!

Gift Ideas-Rewards

You can break the tradition with a pair of gifts for the couple, if the preferred presentation is preferred to manual labor.

Photo album handmade.

Find joint photos of the bride and groom, get rare footage from the family archive and original design them on the pages of a homemade gift. Future newlyweds will appreciate your efforts.

Hen party scenarios before the wedding

Decorative jar with wishes.

In the vessel decorated with decorative paintings, lower the 365 wishes of the newlyweds: one for each day of the first year of marriage.

Homemade book with comic recipes of family happiness.

On the pages of the book in a humorous form girlfriends write the duties of the bride and groom, recipes for creating coziness, tips on parenting. Collective creativity will be similar to Oster's "Bad Tips", which can be re-read by sad, rainy evenings.

When choosing a script for a bachelorette party, do not pursue fashion. Decide what your soul is pulling for: a quiet evening in a circle of girlfriends or a crazy quest - the main thing is to leave a fond memory of the past time of a free life.

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