HDMI connection cable - specifications, features, technology overview

Of course, the term "wire" is still in use today. There are household electrical, high-voltage, telephone and other wires, but in the world of audio and video they are now called interconnect and speaker cables. But their essence remains the same - to transmit various information from the source to the receiver. In order to make this possible technically, information is converted into an electrical or optical signal, which goes through the cable from one component to another. With the advent of high-definition video (HD), the digital video interface HDMI has become widespread among manufacturers of video equipment, and the corresponding cables hit the top sales in their market sector. The first versions were able to transmit only the image and stereo sound, but today these connectors have become multi-functional conductors.


HDMI cable specifications - technology overview



High-definition image up to 2160p, three-dimensional video, up to ten channels of soundtrack in high resolution, DSD stream from SACDs, use of Ethernet, transmission of the reverse signal - all this is achievable thanks to HDMI cables of the latest version 1.4a. However, it is clear that they should be made, given the necessary bandwidth for transmitting signals of this kind, at the highest level. Therefore, if you are serious about the quality of the image and sound in your system, then, having seen an Asian ersatz on a tray in a muddy package for a few dollars, of course, you will pass it by. Equally, no one will force you to empty your wallet by buying overseas High End for fabulous money, where one pack of valuable wood will pull at least a third of the entire amount. And since we live in Russia, it is simply impossible not to pay attention to the domestic manufacturer that manufactures its own cables, which by their characteristics can easily compete with top samples of famous foreign brands. So, we are studying the premium class products of a famous Russian brand.


Tchernov Cable, whose story has been around for a dozen years. These are two interconnects of the Pro Custom line of different lengths.We note that as the length of the cable increases, the sensitivity of the system to the quality of its production also increases. It's one thing when you connect a Blu-ray player to a nearby AV receiver or a TV, which is sometimes enough for a meter-long cord, and quite another when, when organizing a home theater under the ceiling, a twenty-meter wire is pulled to the projector. In the second case, it would seem that it would not be possible to do without losses, to which the digital interface is also susceptible, and therefore, so that the result does not disappoint you, you must acquire a good, good product. And here we must mention that the Tchernov Cable products have a price that is not very low, but is absolutely adequate to quality. Appearance Pro 1C, undoubtedly, is solid. At the ends of the massive connectors are HDMI Toure A with gold-plated contacts, and the cables are soldered by hand with Tchernovaudio SFS / AG brand silver containing silver. The rest of the farm is hidden in a gray protective stocking, under which is a durable sheath of polyvinyl chloride SPVC.


HDMI connection cable - specifications, features, technology overviewFurther, triple shielding with copper foil of high purification is applied. Finally, already under all these layers are four twisted twisted pairs with copper (BRC) monozhilami with a cross-section of 0.5 mm2, insulated with high-pressure polyethylene PELD and protected with BRC foil shields with auxiliary conductor, plus seven mono-conductor service wires also insulated with polyethylene PELD. By the way, the description says that the product has a version of HDMI 1.3b, but when testing there was no doubt that this is a full version 1.4a, which we later confirmed in Tchernov Cable - the fact is that the company just did not have time to issue a certificate of compliance . The cable freely transmits three-dimensional video recorded on Blu-ray discs, advanced eight-channel audio tracks (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA), a DSD stream, an ideal 1080p / 24 video signal, and a connector length of up to 7.5 m - and 1440p (Ultra High Definition).


The sound and especially the image transmitted over the Tchernov Cable HDMI Pro 1C cables were flawless. And, importantly, this conclusion applies equally to both the shorter model and the longer one.

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