Handicrafts on the subject of vitamins and healthy products in dow

The topic of healthy nutrition for children is very important. It is necessary to find the strength and try to explain to the child that a number of tasty products contain a large number of harmful substances that destroy the body.

Of course, you should not focus only on harmful substances, be sure to tell your child about human best friends - vitamins. Most vitamins are in fruit. Consider the fruits.

 Handicrafts on the subject of vitamins and useful products in the dou

Handicrafts on the subject of vitamins and useful products in the dou

You can play the game - "harmful and useful." Ask your child to determine what is harmful and what is useful. You can play this game using pictures with painted products.

Turn this lesson into a celebration! Make crafts on the topic of "healthy food" with your child!

For crafts "Bulk products"you will need:

  • Strong colored paper
  • Stapler
  • Wata
  • Markers

Fold a sheet of colored paper in half. Cut out the contours of future products from folded colored paper. You will get two identical blanks at once.

We fasten the edges of the future product with a stapler, leaving one side free. Through this side, insert a little cotton wool into the craft. We fix the remaining side with the stapler. You should have a voluminous paper hack.

 Bulk Products from Paper 1

Bulk Products from Paper 1

Now we betray ours an odd job bright recognizable view, coloring it with felt-tip pens or paints. We draw characteristic contours on fruits, paint the eye and scales on the fish, sign the word “honey” on a yellow jar.

 Bulk products from paper 2

Bulk products from paper 2

In the same way, you can make a collection of harmful products so that you can play the “harmful-useful” sort. Such crafts on the topic of healthy eating can be a real didactic tool for home or kindergarten.

Another interesting article is the application "Fruit Dish".On the dark sheet of cardboard we glue in advance the fruit cut from the colored paper and the dish itself.

 Application fruit 1

Application fruit 1

 Fruit Application 2

Application fruit 2

Wonderful crafts on the subject of vitamins and healthy products in dhow can be made from salt dough. Make the salted dough and give it the shape of the desired product.

 Roll out the dough

Roll out the dough

We wait when it dries and color it. From such products, you can make a real corner of useful and delicious food.

 Painting an article

Coloring an artwork

From disposable plates and cut paper you can make Applique "Apple". To do this, anoint a disposable plate with PVA glue, and then glue colored cut pieces of paper. You can pre-crumple them into small light balls, then the application will be even more voluminous. On the edge of the plate glue the leaves.What an appetizing apple!

Hand-made from a disposable plate

Crafting from a disposable plate "Apple"

Charming decoration of the room can be made from ordinary inflatable balls. To do this, you need to take the smallest long and round balls.

Inflate them and attach green leaflets to them.

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