Handicrafts for the home: DIY interior decorating ideas

You can create a beautiful and cozy interior in your home with the help of hand-made crafts. Making such original things is not so difficult - professional skills are not needed for this. Things that we do with our own hands are unique, they give the interior of the home individuality, bring diversity to the atmosphere.

From handmade crafts emanates a special warmth of the hearth. Thanks to unusual creative gadgets, you will be able to change the interior at will or in accordance with the seasons (for example, to create a New Year's decor). DIY home decor is different in variety and purpose. Self-made beautiful things and useful crafts for the home can be used as original furnishing details, decorative elements or as devices for storing various household items.

In order to do things yourself, it is not necessary to buy expensive materials, you can use the improvised means.


Creating an unusual decor is possible without high material costs. Most of you have various unnecessary trifles in your home, for example, fabrics, colored paper, buttons - all this can be used as a material for handicrafts.

There is a similar “junk” in almost every home, if you disassemble a storage room or dig in the attic - something can be found. Natural materials, glue and threads will also be useful for making beautiful new products and home-made trifles. But the ideas of handmade decor in the home are needed - of course.

Many people think that only experienced people can tinker and create presentable interior items on their own. This is a delusion. Show your imagination, combine differently textured materials, do not be afraid to experiment, and you will create not only beautiful, but also original decor for your home.


Even if you have to tinker with the first thing, each subsequent decorative crafts will go out better and better, and you will spend less time.

DIY homemade ideas

So what can you do with your hands for home? Consider a few ideas for inspiration. Among the proposed options, you are sure to find something interesting for yourself and try to make your favorite thing yourself.


One of the useful things for the house, while performing a decorative function, which you can make yourself, is the housekeeper.


The peculiarity of this key house is that its design imitates brickwork. The basis for the housekeeper is a thick cardboard (you can use part of any box). You will also need heavy toilet paper or thick napkins. Dense material is needed so that it does not spread out when lubricated with glue. Stock up with acrylic paints, varnish and glue (ordinary PVA will do).

Make the back wall of the key holder of rectangular cardboard or sheet plywood. Hooks will be attached to the base. Cut out small boxes of rectangular shape from the cardboard, the size should be the same and glue them to the base, leaving a small distance between the parts. The bricks are not glued over the entire surface of the cardboard.

In the central part you need to paste a plate decorated with the inscription, and in the upper part to arrange a beautiful picture.

Then glue the bricks well and put a napkin on top (pre-crumpled), with a little more glue for impregnation. Using a wand, press a napkin or paper into the gaps between the miniature bricks to make the corners. Give the craft time to dry.


Paint the withered panel with paint (to imitate a natural brick, you need to choose a red-brown shade). To paint the seams, use bronze paint.

After the paint dries, cover the bricks in the same tone using a dry brush (dip the brush in bronze-colored paint, and then wipe it on the paper until it is almost dry, and then brush the brickwork).

On a note!During the painting of bricks brush should be driven without changing direction.

To give the housekeeper a smoothness, cover it with a transparent matte varnish.

The work is completed by attaching the loops, after which it can be hung on the wall or given to someone. In the photo below - the finished housekeeper:


Clothes hanger

All women like jewelry; almost every woman has jewelry that needs to be stored somewhere. The original storage for jewelry will be a hanger, made like a picture.

In order to make a hanger for storing jewelry, you will need:

  • baguette frame;
  • plywood;
  • stain (you can use paint as a substitute);
  • hooks and handles from the boxes;
  • nails;
  • screwdriver and drill;
  • cutting tool.

Cut the plywood in accordance with the size of the frame and spread it with wood stain, then dry and attach it to the frame. Mark the places where the hooks will be attached and screw them. It remains to hang jewelry on the hanger.

Now you have a place to store women's treasures - jewelry.


Casket of plastic canvas for storing small things

A simple, but presentable casket designed for storing various small things can be made of plastic canvas.

Canvas is a material for embroidery. You will need a canvas made of plastic, you can buy it in stores that sell everything for practicing handicrafts.

On a note!The outline of plastic is usually made in the form of sheets, A4 size. Perforation in an outline from plastic differs in the sizes.Canvas with different number of perforations are produced, the more they are, the less they are.

In addition to the canvas, you need to stock up on the following materials:

  • tight thread;
  • big needle;
  • cloth or beads;
  • scissors.

Embroidery on the canvas of plastic is almost no different from the usual. Techniques of embroidery can be different, the most popular - cross and smooth.

The plastic canvas is flexible, but it is very strong.

Decide what the size of your box will be. The material is divided into parts intended for the sides and bottom. There should be five parts in total. Make your cover items. Make a workpiece, the size of which is 0.5 cm larger in width and length from the bottom. The sides of the lid should be a bit narrower. It will take five more details. Then sew parts with dense threads (you can use both braid, and even ribbons).


You can embroider any pattern on the blanks. The parts that are not embroidered, drape fabric or sew with beads.

After completing all 10 blanks, start the assembly. At the first stage it is necessary to sew the side parts to the bottom. Then sew from the outside all the side elements of the box and sheathe the top at the edges. The last stage is the assembly of the cover in the same way.

Similarly, we collect the cover of the box.

A beautiful casket made of plastic canvas is ready.

Woven mats in tapestry technology

One of the options that allow to give the interior comfort - it is tapestry rugs. To weave such things, you do not need special tools. A rug in the technique of a tapestry can be made from improvised materials: thick threads that are used for knitting (they can be replaced with ropes made from old clothes) and cords.

Tapestry is a lint-free rug made by hand. The base of the tapestry rugs is decorated with ornaments created by weaving threads. We will create a plot composition in the form of a circle with drawn lines, along which the thread serving as the basis will run.

All work is done using weft yarns. Under a complex name are hidden ordinary ropes and braid, from which weave and decorative patterns are created.


  • choose a strong thread to create a base;
  • weft yarn should be done by hand;
  • to make the tapestry more dense, you can push the thread to the center, for this use a simple plug.


Stage one.We draw a cardboard size of 500 x 500 mm. We perform the insertion of cardboard thread, chosen for the basis. To do this, cut the markings drawn on the cardboard and pass the rope through the lines so that it runs through the central part.

Stage Two.We begin to weave tapestry. It is necessary to carefully fix the initial thread. Weaving in the technique of tapestry is pulling the cord underlying the alternation of one thread from the top and the second from the bottom.

Stage Three.Braiding the last turn of the thread around the cardboard, you need to turn the resulting mat back and cut off the cords-bases. When pruning, leave about 5 cm at the ends. Pull the ends of the laces out of the notches made on the cardboard (you don't need to remove the picture while pulling out) and tie them in pairs. To the received knots attach pompons.

Finish the composition by stitching a thick rope on the wrong side in a circle - this will hide the knots and ends of the threads.

CouncilUsing different textures and shades of threads, you can make different rugs and then combine them into one. You will have a large carpet that can be hung on the wall or laid on the floor.

A tapestry rug laid on the floor will make it warmer, and besides, it looks beautiful.Weaving a gobelin rug with your own hands is easy: try and see for yourself.

Curtain strip

You can make an unusual curtain from tapes. Band curtain is suitable for both windows and doors. It will take a little time to make curtains of ribbons, even a sewing machine is not needed. Waving strip curtain well repels insects; earlier such curtains were made from newspapers cut into strips.

To make a curtain of ribbons, you need the following materials:

  • ribbons or fabric strips (with non-fraying edges);
  • cornice;
  • clips or buttons.

Tapes should be thrown over the eaves and secured with clips. On the strips of fabric can be strung large beads for decoration.

The tape curtain carries out not only practical, but also decorative function. The advantage of curtains of ribbons - lightness. This is an excellent option for giving, a curtain can be hung in the apartment.


Paper Bag Flower Pots

Many homes have paper bags, rather than throwing them, make them flower pots.

Materials for the manufacture of flower pots:

  • paper bags;
  • wood skewer;
  • scissors;
  • rope;
  • glue;
  • plastic container.

Take paper bags and mark them up: eight strips with dimensions of 70x300 mm, then cut the paper along the dotted lines.

Place a wooden skewer in the corner of one of the strips and wind a paper base on it diagonally. You must make a tube of paper from each strip. Seal the corners of the paper tubes so that they do not unwind. The easiest way to do this is with a glue gun.


Take a plastic container, apply glue on it and wrap it in paper (from all the same bags) so that plastic is not visible. Glue paper tubes to the bottom of the container. Cut paper strips of size 70x450 mm (you will need big bags) and make the tubes.

Wrap the tubes so that they are tightly pressed against the walls of the container. Attach a long paper tube with glue to the bottom of the container, and wrap it around it, you need to braid the main tubes. Wrap all the main tubes, and then change the direction of weaving, to braid the missing tubes - so you need to wrap the entire container.


Make two holes in the walls of the pot (above).

Recommendation:holes in a plastic pot is easiest to make a hot nail heated above a kitchen stove.

Stretch a string through the holes made, at each end of the twine you need to tie a knot in order to fix it well. To hide the ends of the twine will help another woven tube. Wrap the protruding tubes over the pot and secure them with glue.

Unusual flower pots ready.


Hand-made things for the house can be used as an element of decor in your home or presented to friends.

Most of the things hand-crafted are not only beautiful and original, but also useful and necessary in the household. Feel free to start working on homemade things and decorate your house with them.

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