Hairstyles for short hair

Svetlana Rumyantseva

A variety of modern hairstyles for short hair attracts the attention of girls and women, and they are ready to easily part with their long curls. From the end of the 20th century, girls, and then women after 40 years, began to cut their hair rather shortly.What explains such attention to the male type of haircut?We will answer this question, and also consider the types of hairstyles for short hair and learn how to choose them depending on the type of hair and the shape of the face.

Types of hairstyles for short hair

Usually girls make a short haircut to have less trouble with hair care. But on a short haircut you need to work no less diligently than on long curls.

Miranda Kerr loves to make hairstyles for short hair.

Miranda Kerr with short hair

How to make hair on short hair? We present to your attention8 different hairstyles for short haircutsthat can be used every day.Try doing them yourself at home to “fill up” your hand, and soon notice that it is very simple.

"Greek goddess"

There are two options for hair:

To create a Greek style in the first versionhair should not be shorter than ten centimeters. Volume is created on the occipital region with the help of whorls. Curls are collected with barrettes in a bundle, the rest of the strands are decorated with decorative ribbons, tiara or hoop.
The second option involvesuse of decorative gum. Curls curl on top of her hair worn gum. On the occipital region of the head, separate locks are intertwined and hidden under the elastic in the form of a braid. To fix the styling using varnish.

Casual hairstyle creative "hayer"

Conservative styling is often used to give the creative person a special charm. For hairneed only styling. Equipment:

Apply the retainer to slightly dried curls.
Fingers to give direction to the hair, at the same time shaking the hand to give the strands the effect of "careless shabby."
After the strands are dry, fix the hair with a fixing spray.

Modern creative "hair" involves the direction of hair on the frontal part of the head.


To create a hedgehog repeat the techniques outlined above. Give the direction of the hair from the root zone of the hair up. Fix varnish.


Wet strands process mousse for styling. Divide the hair into two parts, one of which should have the largest volume.Hair root zone combedand fix a small amount of varnish. The ends of the strands should be combed, neatly distributed in the right direction. Fix laying varnish.


Hair combed in the direction of the occipital region, give a hairstyle elegance.Before fixing the styling, the hair should be lightly combed at the roots.. Laying option is suitable for persons with a round face shape.

"Naughty curls"

Curls in a hairstyle for short hair create an additional charm for beauties. Technique:

Wash hair, dry, apply fixative.
To create curlsyou can use a curling bar, small diameter brashing, conventional curlers.
After curling distribute the curls with your fingers in the right direction.

Anne Hathaway with curls on short hair

Anne Hathaway with curls on short hair


Smooth hairstyles are considered a classic option for short hair. Strands straighten special device in the course of the growth of curls.At the end, apply a fixing aerosol to the hair style.

"A la 70s"

Nowadays, girls are increasingly turning to retro style for help. Technique: curl on curlers a few curls on one side of the head or on the back of the head using styling mousse. The remaining strands straighten ironing.Decorate the hairstyle with a wide bright ribbon, decorative hoop or barrette with large rhinestones. Women of the last century decorated hairstyles with hats with a mesh, pearl beads, ribbons.

Advantages of a short hairstyle

Ease.Short hair brings a feeling of lightness, not burdening the shoulders and head. Owners of haircuts get the freedom to choose styling.
Minimal care.Hairstyles for short hair require the least attention than long hair. They are worn by purposeful ladies who have in the first place work, business, an active lifestyle.
A variety of accessories.To enhance attention to their person, ladies use accessories: tiaras, hairpins, scallops. In this case, the jewels in the ears remain in sight, add charm to the hairstyle.
Fast styling.Owners of long hair pay more attention to their hair than the woman with short strands.Long-haired girls have to pay a lot of attention to cleanliness of curls, a neat look, to visit hairdressing salons, constantly make sure that the strands are not tangled. A short hairstyle is created with one wave of the hand: to run your fingers along the hair and the hairstyle is ready.
Rigor and grace.Owners of beautiful face shapes can safely cut long curls. Correct contours will be emphasized with a short hairstyle. The image of a "business woman" is accompanied by graceful strict lines of short hair.
Saving.In addition to detergents (shampoos, balms, conditioners), long hair requires additional care, which includes the use of styling products, fixing hair. Regular care consists in the use of cosmetic masks. Short hairstyles also require care, however, the funds spent on procedures are several times less.
Beauty and youth.Often, women take cardinal measures for rejuvenation: plastic surgery, the use of expensive anti-aging cosmetics. Save hair, "rejuvenate" the appearance of women will help a short hairstyle.

In the next video we want to show the hairstyle for short hair with curls - like literallyFor 2-3 minutes you can make a light curl curls, fashionable past few years.

Positive characteristics of a short hairstyle

Short hair deliverless trouble with care. They do not need to be constantly combed after a strong wind, to wash every day with expensive shampoos, to constantly use fixing agents for unruly curls. What other advantages are present:

Hair on short hair always looks fresh due tono stratified tipsthat inevitably accompany long-haired beauties.
The convenience of a short hairstyle cannot be overestimated under adverse weather conditions.. In the rain, you can wear a hood on your head, without worrying that your hair will later become disheveled. In the winter months, the cap saves from cold, in the fall - a cap. In all cases, the hairstyle will remain unchanged, it is only necessary to slightly adjust the styling with one hand movement.
Short hairstyle suits women of all ages., adds an additional emphasis on the merits of the woman: face shape, eye shape, eyebrow shape.
Beautiful hairstyle can solve the problems associated with the oval face.The elongated shape is compensated by a short haircut.where the curls are clipped to the middle line of the cheekbones.

Modern creative "hair" involves the direction of hair on the frontal part of the head.

The flat top of the head visually increases the additional volume of the short hair. Also in this issue will help high hair: with short hair, they look very elegant.

Scarlett Johansson with a high hairstyle on short hair

Scarlett Johansson with a high hairstyle on short hair

A variety of hairstyles for short hair: how to choose a haircut with the support of the Internet?

In order to find out if a short haircut is suitable for the weaker sex, you can use a regular laptop. In the world wide web there is a huge number of sites where moderators suggest using the service.Selection of hairstyles online for one photo. Owners of long hair visit these special sites before going to the hairdresser. Seeing yourself in advance with a new short hairstyle is the key to a good mood, confidence in the right choice.

"Try on" a short haircut is quite simple.To do this, do not even need to go through tedious registration on the site. You just need to put your photo in a specific template, and after a couple of seconds, the woman will be able to see her image in a new perspective. Elements of the photoshop will correct the appearance of the lady, remove unnecessary wrinkles, improve the complexion or change the original shade of curls. Such free virtual cosmetic companies are ready to offer ladies a range of services, for example: try on a short hairstyle of a famous singer, actress, secular lioness.

In order to choose the right haircut, it is necessary to take into account not only external data, but also the hairline, thick hair, oval face shape.

How to choose a hairstyle for short hair for thin hair?

Hair thin structure brings its owners a lot of trouble:

soft curls are not able to keep the volume of hair for a long time;
after washing the head quickly become dirty, the haircut looks messy;
Hair less than 5 cm in length creates a “dandelion” look on the head.

Professional hairdressers advise ladies with short hair not to do filing so thin tips.This maneuver will not solve problems and can harm curls.

To create a vivid image of the hair, a special kind of hair dyeing is used, in which individual curls are painted with different colors. This method of coloring is calledcoloring.

The second option to diversify hair - to doperm without the use of aggressive substances. The composition of the biowave includes a cystine analogue contained in the hair structure. Conduct self-coloring and perm is not recommended. To avoid problems, you need to visit a professional master.

Short hairstyle for thick hair

Thick hair does not bring much trouble to beloved. Curls as long as possible to keep the volume and profile of hair.On short thick hair, the bangs look beautiful, weaving "spikelets", voluminous curls. Curling on curlers of small diameter is not suitable for this type of hair. Laying will look like a balloon.

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