Hairstyle for the New Year do it yourself at home: simple but effective options

Hairstyle for the New Year do it yourself at home: simple but effective optionsProbably, each of us faced a situation where, while preparing for a holiday celebration, you try to do everything at once, but, as a rule, there is no time left for yourself. It even happens that the guests are about to come, and there is not a single sign of hair on their head. And here salvation can be a simple evening hairstyle with your own hands, which is done in minutes. Armed with the advice of professional hairdressers, you can quickly find a way out even from an extreme situation.

Hairstyles for long hair do it yourself for the New Year

Quickly and simply you can make a hair for the New Year with your own hands at home. To do this, you need to arm yourself with varnish, mousse, a comb and several hairpins.

The easiest options for evening hairstyles:

  • The first thing you can try is lightweight bouffant, which, by the way, is in fashion this year. You can complement the evening hairstyle with a ribbon or a wrap to match the dress. If the bouffant is made strong enough on the top of your head, you will have a beautiful retro style.
  • The second version of the evening hairstyle for long hair is to quickly twist the strands on large curlers, varnish and allow to dry. Then the curlers remove and straighten the curls with your hands, fixing them additionally with varnish in the desired position. It is impossible to comb the hair with the comb, the curls can be completely straightened. If you are planning an elegant look, you can pin the curls on the back of the head. Curly locks on her shoulders will give her owner ease, creativity and seductiveness. At the same time some strands can be stabbed with small hairpins with rhinestones.
  • The third option hairstyles for the New Year do it yourself - experiments with parting. It looks very impressive oblique low parting, made almost from the ear. Along it, you can pin up small hairpins or rhinestones, sprinkle the parting with tinting agent or simply varnish with glitter. The chess parting also looks interesting, it is made with a thin comb.Hairstyle for the New Year do it yourself at home: simple but effective options
  • The fourth version of the hairstyle for long hair is familiar to us since childhood. It is quite suitable for the New Year and does not require much time. You can still in the morning cooking meals for the evening, braid about 10―15 braids, and in the evening weave them. Get a lush mop of hair with the effect of perm. It will only sprinkle a little varnish to "perm" lasted until the morning. If desired, some strands can be chipped with small hairpins-pins.

Evening hairstyles for medium hair do it yourself

Perhaps the hair of medium length make hair for the New Year at home is easiest. Here you can use and comb, and braid, and perm, and the Greek styling. If you chose a classic look, you can smoothly comb your hair, gather them in a ponytail, wind them on a rubber band, and hide the edge or curl and stab them with invisible hair.Hairstyle for the New Year do it yourself at home: simple but effective options

The easiest way to do a hairstyle on medium hair with your own hands is to comb the hair back and then ruffle your fingers from the inside, lifting the strands highly and fixing them well with varnish. This hairstyle looks very impressive.

An interesting hairstyle for the New Year can be done with the help of weaving.Best is the "fish tail" and "French braid".Hairstyle for the New Year do it yourself at home: simple but effective options

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