Guess what kind of beast is it?

Optical illusions are a very popular topic for hot discussions on the Net (just remember the argument about the color of the dress). But this time everything is much more interesting. After all, the subject of disagreement was ... a pet!

It all started with a photo on Twitter, from which a mysterious fluff named Chihon looks at us, resembling not a cat, not a dog. To add fuel to the fire, the author of the picture came up with a signature for him: "Do you have a cat or a dog?" - "I do not even know"". After some time, having regretted numerous subscribers, the prankster admitted: "In fact, this is a cat."

However, the cat was very popular before the tricky issue on Twitter. The pet has its Instagram and 162 thousand subscribers. “I am a young Persian cat with increased shaggyness. I'm not scary, but just terribly shaggy! "- describes himself Cihon.

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