George Clooney told how he actually met his wife

Post by @celeb_str_style_Jan 30, 2018 at 1:27 PST

"I did not even have to leave the house. I could not imagine anything like that! One day our mutual friend called me and said: "I will pass nearby, can you stay with me? Only my friend will be with me." I replied "Of course." After that, my agent called me and said: "But I have already seen this woman who is going to you. She is absolutely amazing. I bet you will marry her!" The funny thing is that my parents came to me that evening. We just talked all together, talked all night. After that, Amal and I exchanged email addresses - she wanted to send me some photos of my parents. So we began to correspond, and I did not understand whether she wanted to go on a date with me or not. It seemed to me that she perceives me simply as a friend. ”

Here the main bachelor of Hollywood was deeply mistaken: although Amal several times in a row refused him when he tried to invite her anywhere, this was rather a girl’s tactic,than the absence of her sympathy. How could the idol of millions of women retreat, having received a refusal from a lady who combined mind and beauty, and besides, the brunettes of his favorite oriental type? What ended this romantic story, we already know: a magnificent wedding in Venice and the birth of two charming twins.

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