Gardnerella how to treat

Gardnerella, how to treat

Gardnerella, how to treat

As the extensive medical practice shows, almost one fifth of all women ask Gardnerella how to treat or by what method to avoid complications. But, despite the very fact that this pathogen was identified and described more than 30 years ago, so that physicians and specialists in infections continue to argue about a number of aspects of gardnerelleza, and these disputes only continue to grow with each new day.


How to treat Gardnell




The main reason for these disputes is the topic of whether it is necessary to include gardnerellez in the list of sexually transmitted diseases. This bacterium, on the one hand, is constantly present in the vaginal microflora, and this is just normal. On the other hand, a man who is considered to be a carrier can have gardnerella during sexual intercourse to give an impetus to the vaginal dysbiosis and the development of gardneurlosis.


Many gynecologists believe that gardnerellosis is synonymous with vaginal dysbacteriosis, now we will explain why.The thing is that in the normal state, the environment inside the vagina is acidic, and it is a natural barrier to the penetration of pathogenic microflora. This environment is provided by lactobacilli and is supported by them. If lactobacilli are reduced in quantity, or the number of pathogenic microorganisms increases in comparison with the amount that ordinary flora is able to cope with - as a rule, dysbacteriosis develops.



Gardnerella, how to treat

Gardnerella, how to treat


And dysbacteriosis does not mean an unambiguous arrival of pathogenic bacteria from the outside, disturbances in a normal environment are a great opportunity for pathogenic bacteria (which are in the body in meager amounts) to develop sharply and raise their numbers. Gardnerella is the very first to be able to use the opportunity provided by the body and develop to the stage of the present disease. When you heal and give birth to a child, you will need an article on how to increase lactation.


This also means that in principle, the problem of the gardnerella as a cure is the problem of treating the vaginal dysbiosis. If they still remain, the subject is not less, some moments are not clear, then watch a video about the therapy of dysbacteriosis of the vagina, and also about the reasons that cause it:




The reasons for the occurrence of gardnerellez or dysbacteriosis can be almost any life event of a woman - a state of stress, an event that lowers the immunity, resulting in reduced protection functions, unprotected contacts, contacts with unfamiliar people, hypothermia, the use of various poorly processed devices and objects, In general, many other reasons.


Gardnerella symptoms




So, what to expect and how to suspect that in your body the pathological multiplication of the gardnerella began? There are several symptoms, but they are not specific to this particular pathogen. This means that when they occur, you need to understand that the changes occurred in the microflora of the vagina, and go to the doctor in order to pass the tests, and determine who is spoiling the whole picture. This is a rather unpleasant disease, not some kind of a sore throat, where I read how to treat it and was treated at home.

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