The full trailer for the 24th Bond movie is one of the first to watch!

On November 5 of this year, one day earlier than in the USA, the premiere will be shown in our country - the 24th James Bond film entitled “007: Spectrum”. The role of the main agent of British intelligence for the fourth time played by Daniel Craig. How brilliant he did it, you can judge by the new trailer, more deployed than its previous version.

O nome dele é Bond, #JamesBond. Ansioso para o próximo filme do agente secreto # 007? #Spectre ganhou um novo #trailer nesta quarta-feira (22), assista em Foto Reprodução / Twitter # notícias #news #ilustrada #cinema #DanielCraig #folhadespaulo

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According to the plot, Bond receives a certain encrypted message, which the solution behind the clue leads the number one spy to the secret organization “Spectrum”, which is dangerous for all mankind. James’s spectacular confrontation with world-class villains, as always in Bond, will be filled with explosions and hand-to-hand fights, chases on supercars (Bond’s silver car became Aston Martin DB10), the cool logic of the male mind and hot love lines with fatal beauties.Trio of girls 007 played by Italian, French and Mexican: Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux and Stephanie Sigman. We are especially looking forward to the scenes in which the Bond ladies seduces the heroine Bellucci, the widow of criminal bigwigs.

Watch the new #SPECTRE trailer now on the Sony Pictures YouTube channel 6,

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The film was directed by Briton Sam Mendez, who also shot the previous bondiana film - “007: Skyfall Coordinates” (2012). It is expected that the new spy drama will surpass its predecessor in terms of the box office, although Skyfall earned a record $ 1.1 billion in the world box office.

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