Folk recipes to moisturize the skin

It is worth remembering that as soon as the skin begins to dehydrate (lack of water), the skin over time loses its elasticity, becomes flabby, it forms scaly patches and fine wrinkles. The reasons for this can be many, ranging from banal stress, the influence of adverse external conditions, natural age-related changes, to improper skin care.
You can help restore water balance and slow down the process of dehydration of the skin using various means. It can be both proven folk recipes and the latest achievements of cosmetic products.

Moisturizing the skin with cosmetic products

It should be noted that moisturize should not only dry skin type, but also a combined, oily and normal type. It is worth year-round to take care of additional hydration of the skin, and not only in summer, when it becomes dehydrated and defenseless under the influence of dry air.Moisturizing cosmetics can help in this, which are produced in large numbers by modern manufacturers of various cosmetic companies.
Today, the stores have a sufficient arsenal of moisturizers that can restore skin elasticity and replenish the necessary vitality. These means are: oils, gels, serums, tonics, lotions, creams, masks, etc. All of them are designed to help maximize skin hydration, protect it from the harmful effects of environmental factors. Whatever the company and the cost was not cosmetic products, the main thing - consider the condition and skin type. In order to choose the right cosmetic product, consult a qualified specialist.

Folk skin moisturizing methods

To moisturize the whole body, you can use a decoction based on herbs (coltsfoot, oregano, nettle, St. John's wort, celandine, etc.). Apply it by adding 2-3 cups of steep broth to the water, taking a bathroom. It will also be useful to systematically rinse the neckline and face after washing with such decoctions.
To maximize skin hydration, you can make a special tonic on milk with the addition of various berries (raspberries, currants, strawberries, strawberries). This tool can be used to nourish the skin of the hands, face and décolleté.
However, the most effective means to moisturize the skin are masks. They protect the skin from dehydration and drying, relieve flabbiness, tone and give the skin a healthy and fresh look.
The moisturizing mask with chamomile is perfect for use for any skin type. It will perfectly soften and moisturize the skin, giving it a special velvety. To prepare the mask 3 tablespoons of dry collection pour a glass of boiling water. After 20-30 minutes, infusion filter. In the resulting gruel of chamomile flowers add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. The mixture is evenly spread on a gauze cloth in an even layer. A similar mask is applied on the face for 15-20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the person is recommended to wipe with a cotton swab, having previously moistened it in the remaining infusion.

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