The "fly lady" system: what is it and how it works?

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The Fly-Lady system was specially created for busy ladies. This is a home management system. Each of us keeps order in the home, and not everyone can afford to hire an assistant in the household. Here the Fly Lady system comes to the rescue, it will teach you how to gradually get to the ideal order.

The emergence of the Fly-Lady system

The system Fly-Lady appeared thanks to a resident of the United States Marla Scilly. She wanted to save busy women from feeling guilty about the mess. Business women, and not only, are usually not very organized, therefore they are not able to cope with all the housework. And the wisdom how to keep the dwelling clean is not taught anywhere.

It is for this reason that the system immediately became popular first in the States, and then in the world. It happened in 1999. Then through e-mails they organized the distribution of lessons. And after a while the site appeared.

This system helps women plan their time for home, for themselves and their families.

The key result is the formation of useful habits that help maintain a constant cleanliness.

The main principles of the Fly Lady

The key principles of the Fly Lady include:

consistency. Better every day for a little bit, than weekly for several hours;
"A point of purity." All women in the house should have a place where there is always perfect cleanliness;
the pleasure of affairs. Better to do a little bit, but with joy, than all, but with displeasure;
without perfectionism. You should not do everything ideally. It is enough to do well;
timer. Spend specific time on certain cases. Finish them at the time of the timer;
planning. If you develop a plan for cleaning the house and go on his points, you will save time.

The "fly lady" system: what is it and how it works?

Now consider the key steps for introducing the Fly Lady system. This is especially useful for young mothers who do not have time because of the care of the baby. But remember the main principle - the movement should be gradual, forget about perfectionism.

Fly lady Step one

So, to become a true Fly-Lady, start small. Tonight you need to wash the sink in the kitchen. This task needs to be started today and repeated daily. And in the afternoon after application, wipe it dry. This is a simple principle, but it works.To do this, put a towel near the sink, so that it was available.

Fly lady Step two

The next step for the Fly-Lady system is the choice of clothes for the home. From now on, every day, waking up, you put on a comfortable and pleasant outfit, make light makeup. Even if you are not going to go for a walk, it does not mean that at home you need to walk in scary and torn T-shirts.

Home clothes should not be old and stretched. Dress nicely - then all things will start to be fun.

So, in the morning, do hygiene, apply cream, light make-up, do your hair and put on your prepared clothes.

The task for this day is to throw away old, ugly things. And do not forget to prepare clothes for bedtime tomorrow.

Step three. Fly Style Magazine

On the third day, you need to create a magazine for Fly-Lady. In it, you mark important data: plans for the day, 7 days, morning and evening, write down planned purchases, menus, contacts. In one day you will not create it, you do not need to hurry. For this purpose, suitable notebook or notebook.

Section number 1 will be called "Rutiny". There are 2 everyday routines: in the evening and in the morning. In the morning, things are brought in that you want to do when you wake up. For the evening - things before bed. We all have our own list.

The "fly lady" system: what is it and how it works?

But do not forget about the previous 2 steps - rub the sink and dress nicely.

Step Four. "Hot Spots"

On this day, you need to make out a new concept. “Hot spots” are places where things always accumulate, forming chaos. It is important to leave at least one piece of paper, and immediately he collects a mess around him. This place is any surface.

Do not immediately disassemble all such points. In this system, the meaning of cleaning is that it does not tire. Today, set the timer to 2 minutes. At each point you spend it so much time. As soon as the time runs out - stop working.

Step five. Defrosting

Start a timer for a quarter of an hour and do it by fooling. This is the main point of the system. Take a look around. Surely, in your boxes there are a lot of things that have long been forgotten or simply not needed. Take willpower and a garbage bag, set a timer and grab the most "littered" corner of the apartment. Without regret, throw away everything that does not benefit you or dislikes you.

Fly lady Step Six

The next step Fly-Lady becomes fastening habits. Daily make a small step to the main goal.It is important to believe in yourself. So, we fix the habit:

in the morning after waking up, do simple morning routines: make the bed, get dressed, put yourself in order;
teach the children to perform the same small routines - let them dress, do hygiene after waking up, and you will be an example;

The "fly lady" system: what is it and how it works?

devote a quarter of an hour daily to the previous step - defuse the house;
in the afternoon, look for a moment at the “hot spots”;
in the journal form the routine for the evening and morning, adding to the list.

Step Seven. Clean in the fridge

Now check out the fridge. Its purity is an important item. Without pity, throw out expired products, wilted vegetables, half-eaten meals that remained 3 days ago. And the balance is placed in the normal manner. Spend time without fail on the purity of the entrails. It will take more than 15 minutes, but the result will be good, because it will have to be done once.

Small steps will help you easily and easily deal with the old rubble and clean up.

Start a new section in the weekly plan magazine. And immediately set aside one day to check the fridge.

Step Eight. Romantic date

This item is very important, because the constant worries and work interferes with normal relations. Such a romantic date will help you to talk heart to heart with your husband, to go somewhere together, to be alone. Select an evening in the weekly plan for such a date. If you have children who have no one to leave, then put them to bed and spend time at home.

Fly lady Step Ten

You have already gone a long way towards becoming a Fly-Lady. And if you do not ignore the points, then you will surely notice a change. Do not skip routine in the evening and morning, remember the “hot spots” and set aside a quarter of an hour for defacing.

In this paragraph, you will need to add a new list to the routines - washing. There is no way to do without it. Choose the right time in the plan for the week. This item will help avoid blockages of dirty things.

Step 11. Menu planning

Few people like to think about what to cook. The system offers menu planning that makes life much easier. This will save time, optimize the cost of products. But do not rush and do not build plans for the long term. Move in small steps - start from 3 days, and then increase the period by 7 days.

The "fly lady" system: what is it and how it works?

In the journal write down the dishes that are often prepared and liked by everyone. Do not make all the records at once, write the list gradually. Beside the dish write the ingredients you list for the store.

Step 12. Taking care of yourself

Finding just a little time for yourself is one of the rules of Fly. Remember when you visited the salon or spa? When did you arrange your treatment room at home? In order to realize all this, take a magazine and write a personal care plan for the week. For example, Monday - manicure, Tuesday - skin care, environment - hair, etc.

So you will spend no more than a quarter of an hour every day, but the appearance will noticeably change.

Step 13. Clean floor

Washing the floor is an unloved affair of every woman. Be engaged in this business gradually. Wash the floor in the same room every day, i.e. today - the hall, tomorrow - the bedroom, etc. So you save power and get a clean floor.

Step 14. Accounting for finance

The next important step is accounting for finances. He is important for a variety of reasons. The first is the ability to plan expenses.

Continuous planning contributes to the correct allocation of time.

Choose a convenient way for yourself - an application in the phone, an Exel table, journal entries.The main thing here is daily spending fixing. Tell all this about home. Now they need to carry checks for their purchases. It is important to find support from relatives, attach them to the case. Otherwise, the estimated costs will not work.

Step 15: Create a shopping list

You are already many steps on the way to order. In the new step you will write a shopping list. Include this item in the plan for a week, choosing a convenient day. In the store should go with a list. Include everything you need for the week:

products on the menu;
cosmetic and hygiene products;
household chemistry;

Step 16. Sleep Mode

It seems that it is difficult to observe the sleep pattern, because every day we go to bed anyway. But today the task will be complicated. You need to go to sleep at normal time. Here you will determine for yourself exactly when. But remember that for a normal rest it takes at least 8 hours. Do not sit long near the TV or computer.

It is also important to take care of the daily routine of children. Decide when you put the crumbs to sleep. Clear mode is a serious point.

Step 17. House zones

Surely, you already see the transformation of the apartment and yourself. And now it is the turn of the distribution of zones for cleaning the house.But do not forget that the trash will not work out, you can throw it away. Therefore, if not all parts have been cleared, then the division into zones is premature.

The "fly lady" system: what is it and how it works?

Cleaning by zones is a new concept. It means that now the apartment is divided into 5 zones. Every week you clean only one. First - disassemble the trash, then make a good cleaning in each area. There is such an approximate order, which you can change at your own discretion:

Zone number 1 - corridor and hallway;
zone number 2 - pantry and kitchen;
zone number 3 - bathroom and children's bedroom;
zone number 4 - toilet and bedroom;
Zone number 5 - a balcony and a hall.

Take time for yourself. Include this item in your day planning.

It may seem to you that cleaning the zones is similar to general cleaning, but only with a lower negative charge. It is not right. You should use the rule of 15 minutes: set a timer and systematically clean up how much power is enough. Do not do everything at once. Do not forget about the gradual movement. Cleaning done a little bit, but every day. Remember the routines. You clean only on weekdays, on weekends there is enough of doing the routines.

Step 18. Time for yourself

If you follow the tips, then you will find that cleaning up requires less time. And therefore there is a time for yourself: you are caring for yourself, you look attractive.It may be that the thought that planning even personal time is strange is visited by you. Of course, you are free to spend time in a convenient way: watch movies, drink your favorite tea, lie down and relax. But each of us must develop. Women are not only mistresses and mothers, you certainly want to achieve something.

Now there is a new task - think up an occupation for personal time. If you have a hobby, get into it. Another option is to learn a new language, change profession, open a business, etc.

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