Felt sheep

Handmade toys are becoming increasingly popular, as they are made from environmentally friendly objects and are absolutely unique in their performance, since each master's hand is individual, so the toy is exclusive. Here, for example, even to take an animal whose year will come to us next year, it will be the year 2015, the year of the Goat and Sheep according to the eastern calendar. Of course, we start preparing for the winter New Year and Christmas holidays in advance and start to choose gifts to loved ones in advance. It is generally accepted for the New Year to give all sorts of trinkets with an animal, the year of which we expect. In our case, suitable gifts in the form of statuethok, kopilochek, candles, balls with a sheep and a goat. This is a required attribute for the 2015 meeting. This master class will help us to sew a soft and fluffy lamb made of felt, which can be presented to both a child and an adult in the form of a Christmas tree toy. For tailoring a lamb, we will need the following: • Light pink felt, bright pink,beige and brown colors; • A pair of small peepholes for toys; • Satin narrow ribbon made of red satin with white polka dots; • • A small golden bell; • • Sintepukh approximately 5-6 grams;• Brown threads • • Black fine beads; • Shiny half-beads; • Lighter, handle, scissors • A sheet for drawing a template • A white thread and a needle• Adhesive gun.  Sheep from the felt
 Sheep from the felt To begin with, the first step, of course, is to draw a template-sketch of our lamb , according to which we will cut the lamb pattern. The pattern can be copied from the finished photo (it is the size of a sheep from the floor of the palm), the second option can be found on the Internet, but again, it all depends on the desired size of the animal. In our case, the lamb is small, like a half of the palm, so you can copy the pattern, print and cut out the patterns. We cut out one example, and already on the sheets we measure the required number of blanks.
Sheep from the felt
 Lamb of felt Torso,tuft and large cheeks cut out two copies with a light pink felt. From bright pink felt we cut out two sketches of small ears and small cheeks. Cut four legs from brown felt, and two circles from a beige one on the face and two tail figures.
 Lamb of felt
 Lamb of felt
We take two circles, add them together, take a white string with a needle and sew the two circles with a seam in a circle, approximately, when sewing 2/3, we begin to insert bunches inwards to insert sintepuh. Sew the circle with the filler completely.  Sheep from the felt  Sheep from a felt Too much to do with the rest of the parts , we fill and sew the torso, tail, legs. We are not afraid, if the elements of the lamb are curly, everything is perfectly sewn together with a cap seam. We put the ears on each other, at the bottom we fold and fasten with thread, level and we get a full-fledged sheep's ear.
 Sheep from felt
 Lamb of felt
Now with brown threads we loop the mouth and nose,at the top of the nose sticking sulfur bead. Eyes to attractive face sticking a pistol. From the ribbon we make a loop and a bow, to the bow we sew a bell. We collect all the details to get a sheep, glue them together with a gun. It turns out a sweet, soft and gentle handmade lamb. Thank you and Thank you all!  Sheep from the felt  Sheep from the felt

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